How to keep wooden house

How to keep wooden house

The wooden house belongs to eco-friendly buildings – it is advantage. That the building was not long is subject to destruction, it is necessary to protect it the special chemical compositions interfering emergence of fungus, bugs wood borers and to isolate from the moisture which is perniciously operating on tree.

It is required to you

  • - bioprotective antiseptics;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - vapor barrier;
  • - bituminous isolation;
  • - brush;
  • - airbrush.


1. The natural origin of wood remarkably supports building microclimate. Despite this its particular advantage before all other construction materials, the unprotected tree can collapse without additional treatment for very short period. That it did not happen, take care of safety of the house already at the initial stage of its construction.

2. After installation of the base carry out careful waterproofing. Cement has feature to absorb moisture. If you do not take measures for protection of the lower wreaths of the building, they will begin to collapse in the first years after completion of construction. Stack layer of waterproofing on the base and on socle ranks. Such double isolation will reliably protect wreaths from moisture that will reliably prevent destruction. Also do not forget about the ventilating mines. All basement storey has to have through having blown.

3. For walls and partitions of wooden house use the special chemical composition. Chemical antiseptics with bioprotective and fire-resistant fillers are presented at the construction market in wide assortment. You carry out processing by brush or by means of airbrush. After drying of the first layer you put the second in 24 hours. Modern antiseptics reliably protects wood structures from destruction, bugs wood borers, mold and fire.

4. Process all basement part special liquid bituminous waterproofing. The structure very dense and reliably protects the basement from moisture penetration that in addition protects the building from destruction.

5. For protection of ceiling use paroizolyatsionny and waterproofing materials. They keep within threefold layer. At first from outer side lay vapor barrier layer, on it fix waterproofing and again close everything paroizolyatsionny material. It will prevent condensation of warm and cold air and will protect load-carrying structures of ceiling from destruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team