How to lay out socle

How to lay out socle

The socle of the building is continuation of the base, and calculation of this building construction happens on house blueprint stage. The socle is support for walls and protects them from influence of moisture and dampness. Exterior of socle influences general impression from the building. Therefore for construction of socle it is necessary to select the reliable, durable materials which are in harmony with construction walls.

1. Choose material for socle. Parent materials for socle it is considered to be brick, concrete blocks or mass concrete. For laying of brick socle it is recommended to use corpulent flame brick. Minimum height of socle is 4 rows of brick. Facing of brick socle can be executed by means of tile, siding or natural stone.

2. At the socle device from concrete blocks it is necessary to consider that the sizes of blocks have to be more than height of socle. Concrete blocks stack with bandaging and mount by means of cement slurry. Emergence of horizontal seams when laying socle is extremely undesirable. Places, open concrete blocks, fill with concrete. Facing of block socle is made by means of tile, crushed stone or stone.

3. The socle from mass concrete is considered the most durable. At construction of monolithic concrete socle in timbering it is necessary to fill in liquid cement. After removal of timbering the concrete surface should be cleaned carefully, and accurately to close up all slots and emptiness. For reinforcing of walls of socle it is recommended to use the metal gauze and special rods with collars.

4. In socle part it is necessary to make waterproofing course. As a rule, the waterproofing is done by means of several layers of roofing felt or roofing material located at the height of 20-45 cm over ground level and fastened among themselves with hot mastic.

5. Warm socle. The most widespread material for warming of socle is extruded polystyrene foam. For mounting of this material usually use mastic or glue. Thermal insulation material it is necessary to have from outer end of socle.

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