How to look after raspberry in garden

How to look after raspberry in garden

Raspberry - the tasty and useful berry loved by people of different age. As well as, it full leaving is necessary for all plants in your garden. If you have landed raspberry of good grade on the site, but do not watch it as she demands that, you should not wait for big harvest. It is better to think in advance of bushes then to celebrate harvest.

Cutting of raspberry

In case of podmerzaniye of tops of branches, they are cut off to healthy part. In case of full freezing of bush, but at preservation of live kidneys at its basis, the harvest still can be received. 

Unnecessary young growths delete as soon as possible, right after their emergence in the spring not to waste nutrients and water. Annually cut off branches at the height of one and a half meters in the spring, after that it is possible to wait for harvest of large berries. It is necessary to cut off all weak branches in the fall, and from the others by means of scissors to remove leaflets, without having injured at the same time kidney. After the crop is completely reaped, it is necessary to cut off branches which otplodonosit and to thin out new escapes.

Leaving during the spring period

Use of nitrogen fertilizer improves growth of young growths, but not the main bushes in the spring therefore it is senseless to use it. With weak growth of escapes at the end of May they are fertilized mullein (mullein shovel on 10 l of water). Manure is brought in two years from last fertilizing. If to do it annually, in year with hard winter, steady rains and snow, then the harvest will not manage to ripen. Roots of raspberry are located not really deeply, because of it the soil cannot be processed more deeply, than on 10 cm. Do it after application of fertilizers.

Leaving in the summer

As raspberry often is surprised various wreckers (malinny bug, stem fly), it is processed insecticides, but on minimum and it is strict according to the instruction not to spoil quality of berries. It is impossible to process raspberry during blossoming, insects who pollinate it perish after that. Watering has to be generous, once a week, especially in hot weather. Just planted plants need constantly damp soil until they take roots rather well.

It is ideal if raspberry grows, tied up to support. It is possible to buy ready designs in special department for gardeners or to make support: into the earth through each three meters to hammer fastenings from metal or tree, to pull between them rope in 3 levels. The distance at which levels will be located depends on raspberry height.

Leaving during the autumn period

In the fall fertilizing by manure is obligatory, in the soil there is no nutrient left any more. Before digging over row-spacings, bring manure (5 buckets on 1 square meter), do it every two years. Also introduce complex mineral fertilizer (on 1 square meter it needs to be taken 200 g). In one year it is impossible to bring both manure and mineral fertilizer at once, it is necessary to alternate them.

Fall – time for preparation of raspberry for winter. Branches bend down to the earth, fill up with foliage. If there is no foliage, then it is possible to hope for snow – it will well protect bushes from destruction by frost. Anyway, bushes have to be covered, otherwise the frost will ruin them. It is important not to be mistaken with fertilizing even in the summer, if raspberry is overfed with nitrogen, then it will badly transfer winter icy cold.

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