How to look at the counter

How to look at the counter

The question of payment of the consumed energy resources concerns citizens every year more and more. And it is clear, electricity prices, water and heat carriers grow. Correctly to pay receipts of housing and public utilities, it is necessary to know how the amount of payment is calculated. It depends on indications of your counters on light, water, gas.


1. Today many residents of the cities, villages and other settlements put counters on heat carriers, water, the electric power. Some manage to save at the expense of it to third of rent. But to achieve such economy, first of all, it is necessary to fork up on purchase of counters, installation, sealing. Besides, it is necessary to install only those counters which have undergone the corresponding standardization. For this purpose there are special lists. And installation of counters sometimes leads to considerable expenses, not only material, but also moral.

2. It is necessary to tell also that installation of counters on heat carriers (heating) in multifamily house is made usually on the whole entrance since the counter considers passing of the heat carrier on direct and returnable pipe. And struts of these pipes the general on all entrance. It turns out that in this case it is only possible to speak about exact calculation of the heat carrier if all neighbors fairly pay for the provided heat.

3. Installation of the separate counter of the electric power – action less troublesome, but also has the features. The fact is that modern counters have hypersensibility and consider even the LEDs established in teleequipment illumination. Besides, having installed such counter, you have to write the application in housing and public utilities of your house for intention to pay on the counter.

4. Usually on the front panel of counters there is window in which the indication scale is located. It represents number of small squares with digits. When filling the payment order it is necessary to write down all digits which are shown by indication scale in the column "Last Meter Readings". Then it is necessary to subtract from this number of the indication of last month. The difference is also that size for which you should pay.

5. If you did not change the counter for new, to you the mean value of the consumed electric power, counting on the number of the family members registered in the apartment is charged. Sometimes, it is much more favorable to pay by average calculation, than according to individual meter readings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team