How to make desk with own hands

How to make desk with own hands

The desk allows to keep documents, drawings and records in full order. The small and functional model of written table made with own hands will not take a lot of place even in the close room.

Preparatory stage of work

It is the best of all to do classical desk on in advance prepared drawings. As construction material it is possible to use the laminated chipboard who is very widespread during creation of furniture now. Cut out the sheet laminated chipboard according to drawings. At you three elements – internal and edge walls and also cover have to turn out. The sizes of elements can vary according to your preferences.

Then on faces it will be required to paste furniture edge by means of glue and the iron. Special screws will be necessary for assembly of desk. Also do not forget to prepare such tools as tape measure, drill, drills of the different sizes, hexagon or the screw-driver (depending on screw head design).

How to connect cover and walls of table

Drill electric drill opening in edge walls. Then take drill of large diameter and do superficial groove. In it the upper part of the self-tapping screw will be drowned. Then it is necessary to take sidewall and to put it to internal wall of desk. At the same time the top faces will be at one level. Carry out assembly operations very accurately, otherwise the table will not be suitable for use. Drill openings for the self-tapping screw and twirl screw. With the twirled screw it will be required to drill the following opening and under the second screw. Twirl it in the similar way. The similar sequence of actions surely has to be observed. Otherwise there can be mistakes with marking. The second sidewall should be attached by the same method. Now it is possible to pass to fastening of cover of table. By the way, at assembly it will not coincide with side and internal walls on perimeter. But you should not worry about it. The cover of table has to act behind sidewalls. After assembly is finished, it will be required to close heads of self-tapping screws decorative stubs. It is desirable to choose stubs to match of laminate, otherwise the table will look not esthetically. It is recommended to establish desk in corner of the room or about wall. As a result at you the classical desk will turn out. The technology of fastening of its parts on self-tapping screws does assembly rather easy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team