How to make false ceiling

How to make false ceiling

Speed it is modern constructions sometimes leads to the fact that happy new settlers, having come into the apartment, find irregularly the lying plates of overlappings, nezashtukaturenny seams on ceiling, height difference and other delights of panelestroyeniye. The best exit in such situation is the device of false ceiling from gypsum cardboard. Having skills of work with this material, it is possible to level easily ceilings in all apartment.

  • - sheets of gypsum cardboard;
  • - the metal directing section;
  • - metal rack-mount section;
  • - suspension;
  • - butt connectors for metalprofile;
  • - crosswise connectors for metalprofile;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - dowels;
  • - drill or perforator;
  • - level;
  • - serpyanka;
  • - plaster;
  • - abrasive paper.

1. Determine room height. If you expect to install dot lamps in false ceiling, add to their height 2-3 more cm. The distance between false ceiling and floor slabs equally in 5-10 cm is normal.

2. Find the lowest corner in the room and make mark in the chosen distance from ceiling. Then draw line of marking on all perimeter. Consider that normal level often gives small error. In order that your marking was absolutely horizontal, use the hydrolevel or the laser level.

3. Using self-tapping screws and dowels, along the line of marking fix the directing profiles. The distance between self-tapping screws is equal to 30-40 cm.

4. Through each 60 cm make on side guides profiles risks. Cut rack-mount profiles the pieces equal to width of the room minus 1 cm. If width of the room is more than length of the whole profile, fasten them among themselves by means of butt connectors.

5. Tire out cross direction profiles in guides in places risok. Record them by means of self-tapping screws on metal and presshayb.

6. Along cross direction profiles through each 40 cm attach to ceiling self-tapping screws special suspension. They adjust fire to plate for the middle, short moustaches are unbent down, and to them the rack-mount profile fastens. It becomes to exclude bowing of metal construction under sobstenny weight and to strictly record ceiling down. If width of the room is considerable, hardly pull cord along metalprofile. It will allow you to see exact horizontal on which you will level cross-piece.

7. If room width less than 2.5 meters, metal framework can be considered ready. Otherwise it is necessary to strengthen it in addition.

8. On all cross direction profiles make risks through each 60 cm. On places risok fix crosswise connectors (crabs). Cut rack-mount profile pieces 60 cm long. Drive the received pieces into cross-pieces and mount by means of self-tapping screws to crossing points. At you has to the metal grid with cell of 60х60 cm which is strictly recorded to ceiling will turn out.

9. Stretch electrocables and all other communications which you are going to hide behind false ceiling. If you want to establish heavy chandelier, mount to metal framework additional profiles in the place of its arrangement as without it gypsum cardboard under weight of chandelier can cave in and crumble.

10. You fix sheets of gypsum cardboard to metal furring by means of self-tapping screws. Mount sheets in chessboard order that seams on ceiling did not coincide. That is begin the first row with the whole leaf, the second with half, then again with the whole leaf and so on. In the locations of lamps crown drill openings and you remove in them electrical wires.

11. Stick all seams with serpyanka. Then zashtukaturta all joints and hats of self-tapping screws. Ground, walk emery cloth on roughnesses. Your false ceiling is ready to painting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team