How to make medogonka

How to make medogonka

The self-made medogonka has very simple design. For its production it will not be required to put big forces and means. Even the beginner can collect medogonka.


1. The tank for medogonka is made of stainless steel. Best of all "white" tin approaches. It is forbidden to use galvanized iron. The fact is that galvanized iron very badly contacts to honey. Other parts of the mechanism also should not be made of galvanization.

2. Together with the lower half shaft of the rotor-ramkoderzhatelya the thrust bearing works. It becomes their bronze or brass. In professional medogonka this part is made of steel.

3. In packages make mortgaging of belts with cells. Everyone them them consists of two frames. They drag on wire mesh. Among themselves they are connected steel lock pads and loops springs. At loop springs the inside diameter is equal to 15 millimeters. They then without effort are hung on the corresponding nodes of the rotor-ramnoderzhatelya. When rotation is carried out, there is formation of centrifugal force. Honey which contains in cells is thrown out on walls of tank and accumulates below. Further it via the output device merges in container. Before it honey is filtered through strainer.

4. To avoid imbalance when the rotor-ramnoderzhatel rotates, it is forbidden to put one package of frame in medogonka. It is necessary to consider that the level of the honey picked in tank should not be more than height of conic bottom. To the rotor nothing has to prevent to work. Honey in due time has to merge through valve which can be slightly opened. For this purpose there is pressure screw.

5. That it was convenient to work, the medogonka is placed on support. It becomes in such a way that the shaft handle is on an equal basis with elbow. Near medogonka put special table on which cells are unpacked. In advance ware with hot water has to be prepared. It is necessary to heat forest strip knives. Also hot water is necessary for washing of strainer for filtering of honey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team