How to make seedling of tomatoes

How to make seedling of tomatoes

Late-ripening tomatoes need to be planted previously seedling, otherwise they will not manage to ripen, and sometimes even to gain the mass of fruits. It belongs to early grades too, especially if you want to receive the first harvest very much early. It is necessary to grow up seedling since the end of February, and it is possible also from the middle of March. You should not put too early, and that plant will outgrow and at disembarkation to the open ground can be damaged.


1. Wet seeds of tomatoes, having enveloped them in soft rag. It is necessary to couch them two days then to plant in soil. You can not ret them as to put wet small sunflower seeds not absolutely conveniently - they stick to fingers.

2. Fill boxes for seedling with the earth and spill warm water a little. You can prepare the earth since fall or buy soil in shop. Do not use the exhausted earth, otherwise seedling will turn out weak, and at change to the open ground can die at all.

3. Seed seeds or seat them with intervals of 10 cm from each other. If you sow, you should dive them in other capacity or just to pass through. For convenience you can use peat pots, during change you will not need to disturb root system and tomatoes will better take root.

4. Before heat look after seedling, maintain humidity of the earth and indoor air. The daylight hours has to be not less than 8 hours, and 12-14 are better. If there is not enough light, color of leaves will change from brightly green on pale or yellow.

5. As soon as on the street the warm weather was established, replace plants in soil. You can grow up tomatoes in the greenhouse, but you watch that there was pollination of flowers insects, otherwise use ovary - special means for pollination. Make collecting in process of maturing of fruits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team