How to make the Turkish bath

How to make the Turkish bath

To independently construct the Turkish bath - pleasure not of cheap. But joy which you will get from it cannot simply be evaluated. Therefore if you have enough finance, safely start construction.


1. Before construction define that place in which the steam room will be located. It has to meet all necessary standards and safety rules. And it means what to construct to boors in any corner of the apartment or house it will not turn out. Remember that near steam room you have to have one more small room for placement of various generators - steam, electric, etc. and also it will serve and for other technical needs. A lot of place does not need to be allocated under it - also one-two square meters will be enough. Besides consider when choosing the ideal room for the Turkish bath and the fact that its internal dimensions after the end of construction will decrease centimeters by 15.

2. Take care also of the equipment. At construction it is necessary to create worthy ventilation. Indoors, where the humidity reaches 100 degrees, ideal time of updating of air - 10 minutes. Ventilation surely has to be autonomous from other room. Otherwise, water will be condensed in the general pipes, and then can begin to flow easily somewhere in the room or in kitchen. As for the sewerage, it also has to have own drain without exit in the general system. Besides, do not forget to supply it with the locking device from penetration of smells.

3. As for heating, there are a lot of nuances here. Warming up in hammam goes both at the expense of the steam generator, and due to heating of surfaces from within. You can warm up surfaces in bath, having laid under them the pipeline on which hot water will circulate. In the technical room it is also necessary to establish pipes which will be reported that indoors. Also put boiler with electroheating from which all pipes also will connect and heat up.

4. The steam generator which will be heart of your bath needs to be selected very carefully. Its model depends on room volumes in which it will be located. The device has to stand in the technical room, and here the control board from it is directly in steam room. The steam generator needs to be connected to central water - and to power supply. If at you in the house it is not provided, and the system is autonomous, then for hammam it is better to make separate contour. It is connected with the fact that otherwise you should include heating in all house even in summer days when you are going to include bath.

5. As for lighting in bath, surely carry out heat-resistant cable here. Lamps need to be chosen as moisture-proof, with tension it is no more than 24 Watts.

6. When finishing bath consider that it has to meet standards and maintain thermal insulation and moisture resistance of the room. Thickness of walls in hammam of 70-100 mm. In wall you can hide heater, waterproofing, the system of water heating, etc. Apply plaster with solution - it provides additional waterproofing. Later put framework from armature and attach to it plaster grid. You will also close up it plaster and paint. Make seats and surface marble - this material heats up quicker and longer keeps heat.

7. Now you need only to choose accessories, and your bath is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team