How to make up correctly shadows

How to make up correctly shadows

make-up of eyes is very important for daily image of the woman. Therefore it is necessary to learn to decide on color palette and to combine shades. Besides, it is necessary to know how it is correct to apply eye shadow.


  1. Before drawing shadows carry out cleaning procedures of face skin. It is necessary to avoid rolling and fall of shadows. You carry out cleaning of face skin by means of tonic, gel for washing, cream or usual soap.
  2. Then apply nutritious cream on eyes and let's be absorbed. Further cover eyelids with powder or tone means. If you put shadows of cream texture, then the above procedure does not need to be done as moisturizing components are part of such shadows therefore at collision with powder will surely roll down.
  3. You apply shadows on eyelids before application of eyeliner or ink. The remains of shadows not strushivayta from eyelashes, they will give them additional volume.
  4. When drawing shadows use special applicators. For dry the wide brush with natural hair perfectly will approach. You apply liquid eye shadow with dabs of fingers better. Make movements of the middle of the century to external corner of eye. In this direction increase also intensity. For creation of effect of open eyes cover internal corner of eye and depression in the ground under the line of eyebrows shadows of light shades.
  5. You put dark shadows through growth of eyelashes, and light shades of shadows – are closer to eyebrows. Do not do sharp transitions, they have to be smooth, for this purpose use additional tone. If you love bright make-up, experiment with 3-4 shades at the same time.
  6. For performance of classical make-up of eyes of shadow of neutral shades which are a little more dark than complexion apply on all upper eyelid, including cavity of internal corner of eye. Further through growth of the lower eyelashes put with thin brush shadows before the middle of the century and shade. Apply shadows of rich color which will smoothly pass to light according to the chosen palette on mobile eyelid.
  7. Besides, that shadows in the eyes looked beautifully, it is necessary to pick up their color correctly. Some women give preference to shadows under color of the eyes. It is wrong, only contrast shadows can allocate eyes.
  8. If you have blue eyes, use shadows of pink, violet and reddish shade. If green, are ideal for you dark-violet, reddish, terracotta, copper, silver-gray and dark blue tone. If brown, choose shadows in ocherous scale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team