How to multiply orchid phalaenopsis

How to multiply orchid phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis – sort of grassy epiphytes of family orchid family. These orchids under natural conditions grow in damp forests of Southeast Asia. Phalaenopsis are popular in room floriculture because of simple, in any case, for orchids, agrotechnology of cultivation. These plants the children who are growing up on peduncles breed.

  • - adult orchid phalaenopsis;
  • - fertilizer for orchids;
  • - pine bark;
  • - wood charcoal.

1. Well developed young plants can be grown up on adult orchid with healthy roots and, at least, four well developed leaves. For the child's otrashchivaniye the plant has to have peduncle is not more senior than one and a half years. Deflowered part of peduncle should be cut off to the sleeping kidney.

2. At the end of winter or the beginning of spring it is necessary to reduce watering of adult plant to once in ten days. Place orchid in the place with night time temperature within sixteen-eighteen degrees. In the afternoon the plant will need temperature from twenty two to twenty four degrees. In order that the sleeping kidney became more active, it is necessary that on plant within hour a day sunshine fell.

3. After activization of the sleeping kidney transfer plant to the place with night time temperature not lower than twenty degrees covered from direct sunshine. Two-three times a month feed up phalaenopsis fertilizer for orchids in both ways, placing pot in solution of fertilizer and spraying leaves with solution. Renew normal having watered plants which temperature has to exceed room slightly. Once a week substrate in capacity with orchid has to dry out.

4. When backs of the young plant which has appeared on peduncle grow on two-four centimeters, prepare transparent pot with substrate of pine bark. For this purpose bark with particle size from five millimeters to centimeter will be required. It is recommended to take half of substrate of pot with adult plant.

5. Cut off young plant with centimetric piece of peduncle and powder cuts wood charcoal. Accurately, trying not to damage roots, put orchid in the prepared pot and powder roots with substrate.

6. Pot with young phalaenopsis place in small greenery with air temperature about twenty five degrees, with humidity – from eighty to hundred percent. In year the young orchid can be taken out from small greenery and to transfer to normal detention regime.

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