How to paint with blue

How to paint with blue

Blue is applied to easy coloring of fabric when washing, to elimination of yellow shade of linen and giving of whiteness to it. It represents mix of blue paint and starch and can be on sale in the form of liquid or powder. Apply blue to giving of shade to fabrics from natural fibers better - to cotton, linen and silk.

It is required to you

  • - blue
  • - water
  • - capacity (or bathtub) for solution cultivation


1. Buy blue in shop of household chemicals, when choosing pay attention to structure. Dyes in structure can be soluble (indigo - carmine, blue aniline paints, soluble Parisian blue, prussian blue) and insoluble (ultramarine, insoluble Parisian blue). To more expensive aniline paints (methylene, methyl and woolen blue), to cheaper and often used - ultramarine belong. Soluble dyes provide the most uniform coloring, insoluble - on the contrary.

2. Read the instruction and act according to it. Pay attention that some types of blue apply in the course of washing, others - during the last rinsing.

3. Take 0.3 g of blue on 1 kg of dry linen, stir blue in cold water, then pour out in warm (the amount of water depends on that how saturated is necessary to you shade). If it is necessary, boil solution until it becomes transparent and there will be no clot left, filter through gauze, part with water to intensity of color necessary to you. Or at once place blue in warm water in sack from several layers of gauze.

4. Lower each thing straightened and keep the put time in warm solution. Place things in blue not together better, and in turn. Pay attention to the instruction on packing - soaking time has to be specified there.

5. At will use blue also for refreshing of color of the faded or faded jeans, clothes from natural fabrics of bluish shades, giving of such shade to white things. Not to spoil thing, try to apply blue on fabric sample, and be even better trained at first on old unnecessary things. Experiment with concentration of blue to provide the necessary brightness of coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team