How to part strawberry

How to part strawberry

Curative properties of strawberry are known since the most ancient times. This berry helps to stabilize work of cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, digestive tract. Besides, strawberry is incredibly tasty therefore it always is desired on any table.


1. It is the simplest to receive a lot of planting stock and to multiply strawberry by means of mustache. Take for landing only the first mustache with rudiments of backs. Tear off mustache from maternal plant entirely.

2. To sustain linearity of rows, place them on cord. Make with the help pole sovochka with steep wall at cord. Put seedling to steep wall so that the root neck of strawberry was at the level of the soil. Straighten backs. If they too long, then they can be cut off slightly.

3. Strawberry does not transfer either small, nor deep landing. Besides, it is impossible to cover with earth top kidney as it will lead of seedlings to death.

4. For the best survival dip roots in the talker from mullein and clay before landing.

5. Fill pole with the friable earth, condense the soil around plant, then add a little more soil and again condense.

6. Around each plant scoop make small hole in which at once pour out half of liter of water.

7. Correct bushes accurately, mulch rows humus. Attract paper or svezheskoshenny grass. The next year the young bushes will give mustache again, and you will be able to receive new planting stock.

8. One more way to multiply strawberry – seeds. Seed them in February in the plastic cups filled fertile to pochvosmesye. As seeds very small, put them on the surface of soil and slightly powder with the earth. Humidify by means of spray, cover with glass and put to the warm light place.

9. Until seeds sprout, periodically slightly open glass, remove from it condensate and humidify the soil. Seedlings will appear approximately in month. Now glass can be removed. By the end of spring three or four leaves have to appear.

10. After the threat of returnable frosts passes, plant seedling on bed and attract paper or grass.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team