How to plant walnut

How to plant walnut

Walnuts grow in southern latitudes in itself, it is possible to live all life near nut tree and not to ask questions of its reproduction. The closer to the North, the more efforts should be used on care for the southern guest. But at the correct approach it is real to grow up walnuts even in Siberia.


1. Of course, it is possible to try to grow up tree and from the normal nuts bought in shop or in the market, but chances of viability at such fruits very much and are very small. Therefore try to order already ready saplings of walnut or at least its seeds which are specially prepared for disembarkation.

2. The nut tree in the future needs a lot of place for its sprawling krone, in this regard the place for its landing needs to be chosen with itself care. Good lighting throughout the day will become very important criterion, besides availability of space, also.

3. Dig seeds of nut on depth of 10 cm, well water, cover with rough fabric to save nut from invasion of squirrel. Between separate nuts it is necessary to leave distance not less than 10 meters.

4. If you have decided to plant sapling, the hole under it should be done quite deep, not less half a meter. Lower sapling in hole, powder with earth mix with humus so that the radical neck was closed on 5-6 cm.

5. One tree releases always both female and men's flowers, it means that it, in principle, quite can and samoopylyatsya. In fact men's and female flowers blossom with difference in 5-10 days. Planting 2-3 trees more nearby from each other, you will significantly raise future harvest.

6. In the summer the nut sprout does not require any special care, it is possible to handle it, as well as any other young plant. For the winter in the first 5 years wrap tree in burlap from all directions, pull together with twine. Warm the soil around it. At more adult tree the root will leave on sufficient depth not to be afraid of frosts, and it will be possible to leave it to winter, without covering.

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