How to remove ants on the site

How to remove ants on the site

The ants which have appeared on your garden site are capable to do many troubles. Therefore it is necessary to fight with all of them in the available ways. The earlier actions for removal of insects begin with the site, the better. For fight against ants it is possible to choose from set of ways what is most of all convenient for your conditions.

It is required to you

  • - the chemical means which are frightening off insects;
  • - sources of pungent smells;
  • - ashes or soot;
  • - lime.


1. It is the simplest to use the means of household chemicals which are specially intended for disposal of insects. But not all owners of sites seek to choose them. It is possible to use also other, so-called ""house"" means. Prepare anisic water at the rate of 3 drops of aniseed oil on water liter. Ants do not take out pungent smells. This water it is necessary to sprinkle the ant tracks laid by them across your territory. It is possible to use smoked herring, the spoiled lemon, onions or garlic as sources of pungent smells. Fine means for fight against ants – tomato tops of vegetable. Laid between beds, it frightens off insects and forces them to look for other place for accommodation.

2. Arrange sweet traps for ants. For this purpose in half of liter of water part half of teaspoon of boric acid, sugar tablespoon. Mix mix, pour in superficial plate, on its edge arrange blade or straw. On such path the insects will independently reach bait, attracted with its smell.

3. Fill in tablespoon of yeast with boiled cold water. The consistence has to be approximately as at sour cream. Mix everything, add jam tablespoon. The prepared mix should be applied on piece of cardboard and to put in those places where the greatest congestions of ants. After eating of such mix the ants perish after a while. Prepare bait for once in small amount that it did not manage to dry up. The baits which are spread out in different places of the site should be covered from above with film from rain and the sun, and to below leave small slot that ants without problems got there.

4. Do not try to destroy ants one by one – it is absolutely unpromising. That ants were finally removed from the site, dig over ant hills if they already have managed to appear in the territory. It will finally expel insects. Fill up the dug-over ant hills with lime, ashes or soot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team