How to upholster metal door

How to upholster metal door

By means of metal doors the people have learned to be protected from thieves. But it turns out that these reliable doors steal. They steal heat in apartments. Through slots between door and jamb leaves heat so much how many it would leave through quarter of your window leaf. Plus to it, metal door, in difference from tree, very good heat conductor. Solution simple and long ago known – internal upholstery.

It is required to you

  • - plywood;
  • - epoxy glue;
  • - strip of leatherette 10 cm wide and of all door;
  • - construction stapler;
  • - scissors;
  • - foam rubber 2 cm thick and the sizes is wider than door cloth on 10 cm;
  • - batting.


1. The upholstery of metal door is a little more difficult, than wooden. Sheathing material it is necessary to fix nails. To hammer nails into metal it will not turn out. Therefore from the very beginning take pieces of plywood and paste them to door. It is desirable to paste over with plywood all plane. Use epoxy glue.

2. After pasting approximately for day leave door alone. It is possible not to worry about beauty of plywood covering. When all work is made, plywood it will not be visible.

3. When plywood is pasted, be engaged directly in upholstery. The slot between jamb and cloth of door should be closed the roller. It is the main element of upholstery.

4. Make preparation for the roller. At first take strip of leatherette 10 cm wide and of all door. Put it inner side inside and beat to door small carnations through each 10-15 cm or fix by the construction stapler. That leatherette did not puff up, cut it scissors near door hinges.

5. When preparation for the roller is ready, fix stuffing. Use foam rubber 2 cm thick and the sizes is wider than door cloth on 10 cm. Over foam rubber put two layers of batting. Too beat it on all plane. Now it is time to impose leatherette.

6. It is necessary to cut out leatherette with small stock, on 3 cm from all directions. Begin to beat from the center. At first from above, then from below. Dermatin material when mounting should be pulled as it is possible stronger. When you have taken dermatin cloth from above and from below, the fold has to appear. It demonstrates that you have pulled material correctly. Then the upholstery is fixed by simple furniture nails on all perimeter.

7. The roller at you has to be filled with batting. Take residues of batting and twist in tubule. On perimeter of door impose tubule of batting and wrap it in preparation for the roller. Right there beat edge of preparation to door. The roller is ready. It is possible to be engaged in fastening of the door handle and spy hole.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team