How to use the basement

How to use the basement

At construction of own house quite often it is necessary to deepen significantly the base, most often to freezing level. In our latitudes this level can be to half a meter in depth. A meter more from earth surface to half of the first floor of the house will occupy building socle. As a result the full-fledged floor turns out. Sometimes at construction of the house the device of the basement adapted for various economic needs is planned in advance. How it is possible to use this additional space?


1. Consider several alternative possibilities of use of the basement in the house. First of all, such room can be used for the device of normal cellar. Such traditional application of underground part of the house will not demand considerable investments in its arrangement. It is enough to plan compartments for storage of agricultural products from personal plot, places for storage of house preparations, to provide prevention of formation of dampness indoors, to carry out electric lighting. The entrance to such storage can be built as from internal rooms of the house, and outside.

2. The second option of use of the basement – the equipment there house workshop. If room space allows, establish workbench, the simplest types of woodworking machines there. Make and establish racks for storage of tools and technical devices. Allocate the place for storage of material of which you will make (veneer sheets, boards, bars, rails, metal section, etc.). At arrangement of workplace it is important to observe security measures and to make high-quality ventilation. Pay special attention to electric safety at connection of electric devices.

3. The third option assumes transformation of the basement into recreation area. Make the project of small bath or sauna. It is the best of all to charge this business to professionals who will be able to equip the room with observance of all necessary sanitary and fire protection regulations. The eyeliner of water supply and availability of the sewerage for drain of waters will be obligatory. Take away small corner under the recreation room, having supplied it with the exhaust ventilation. In such underground sauna you can well have a rest with friends after intense labor week.

4. Depending on the interests and hobbies you can build gym or billiard room in the basement. The place device for trainings with burdenings practically does not demand special finishing. It is important to get or manufacture independently exercise machines for the main groups of muscles, to establish flooring for small bar, to make of scraps of pipes of the device for storage of dumbbells and disks for bar. Stock up with rubber rugs which enclose under apparatuses. Establish one-two mirrors which will help to carry out correctly exercises with burdenings on basement walls.

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