How to use white color in interior

How to use white color in interior

For a long time designers recognize that the interior created in white color is the successful decision. Thanks to white it is possible to correct competently room volume, in particular, to increase it. Also at registration of interior this color can be combined perfectly with others, every time receiving different results in respect of perception.

Pluses and minuses of use of white color in interior

Thanks to white color indoors it is possible to achieve feeling of ease of space. White as if moves apart borders, and the room visually becomes more. Due to this color the room as if is filled with air, the feeling of zero gravity is formed. Also white color as if softens furniture and surrounding space.

The fact that white it is very plastic is considered undoubted plus of this shade. If to unite white color and any warm shade in one design composition, then general impression will be pleasant and soft. To the contrary, in combination with cool colors white creates some freshness, even sharpness.

This color perfectly is suitable for work areas, for places where concentration is necessary. Quite often white use at registration of kitchens, bathrooms as it causes associations with purity and even sterility. The only minus in this case – on light surface even small spots and traces of fat are well visible.

In the living room due to white color the feeling of spaciousness, lightness, ease is created. Such color gamma promotes rest, relaxation. It will be not less beautiful to look white color when finishing the bedroom. It well adjusts on dream, gives tranquility and pacification, improves mood. The sleep in the bedroom issued in white tones will be sound and pleasant.

However despite all pluses, white color has also number of minuses.

It is undesirable to use it in interior undiluted (without additional color shades) as in this case it firmly is associated with the hospital room. For many people such association – stressful factor.

Also in large numbers white color can negatively affect sight of the person as quickly tires eyes.

Nuances of use of white color at registration of the room

In spite of the fact that white color perfectly is suitable practically for any rooms and zones, it should be used correctly too.

First, the pure white color well looks only in combination with various textures and uneven surfaces. Ceramic finishing, textile, stone – all this remarkably will approach. At the expense of the formed patches of light and shadows white color will have set of different shades that perfectly diversifies interior. And here plain smooth surfaces will create feeling of monotony, skuchnost, monotony.

Secondly, you remember that perception of white color changes at combination to other flowers. If the feeling of heat and cosiness is necessary, then it is necessary to dilute white yellow, red, orange or brown. Such color combination will be suitable for rooms where there is not enough sunlight. The cold atmosphere is created when mixing in one interior of white and blue, violet, green colors. 

Thirdly, consider that the most white color has shades, each of which differently looks: dairy, shade of cotton, cream, ivory, snow, etc. Due to such variety it is possible to issue harmoniously the room, to make it very beautiful and unique.

Impact of white color on people

The interior executed in white color perfectly will suit people who strive for freedom and independence. He helps to calm down, relax therefore he will be good for those who wish the house to have a rest and as much as possible to gain strength. Also white color promotes creativity. It perfectly will be suitable for registration of interior to the people seeking for self-development and self-expression. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team