How to warm pipe

How to warm pipe

What can be worse if in the winter in frost water in the pipeline has frozen? Not only that you will be left without water, there is no guarantee that all cranes, stubs are intact. To warm pipe, not to allow to freeze to product which moves in it – here task which rises at operation of pipelines in the conditions of the lowered temperatures.


1. It is possible to solve this problem in several ways: 1. to establish the self-heating-up cable; 2. to use pipe from ferromagnetic for heating of superlong pipes (up to several dozen kilometers long); 3. to put infrared heater (film) strip.

2. The principle of work of heating cable is based on compensation of losses by the pipeline of heat energy. For this purpose pick up cable so that the power of its running meter was more heatloss 1 m of the pipeline. Fix cable on pipe. If there is opportunity, place it in the lower part of the pipeline. It is possible to stack cable one contour, and if necessary – several or "spiral". In places where on the pipeline switching devices are mounted (corners, T-couplers, latches, valves), stack cable "loop". From above close cable warm and waterproofing course. For inclusion/switching off of heating install the thermostat (for maintenance of the set temperature). It is possible to use the switch. Depending on material of pipes fix cable. If pipes plastic, with big thermal insulation of walls – wind with aluminum tape on all cable length. For metal pipes use assembly fiberglass tape.

3. For heating of long pipelines (length several dozen kilometers), applies skin system which cornerstone the installation of heating coil in the form of pipe from ferrimagnitny alloy is. In it the insulated conductor keeps within. Heat is generated due to interaction of the current proceeding on internal wall of ferrimagnitny tube, and current of the non-magnetic conductor located in it. Heat received at the same time is transferred to the surface of the pipeline. The warmed pipe and pipe skin system are closed by heat-insulation layer.

4. Tape (film) heaters work due to heating of thin conductive nonmetallic layer which basis is formed by carbon component. The electric power supply to it is carried out on copper tires. As basis and the insulator the film on mylar basis is applied. Heating happens on all pipe surface. Temperature of tape can change from 0 to 70 °C. Before mounting of the film heater clean pipe from rust and dirt. Strip impose round to round. At the same time copper conducting tires have to be located parallel to pipeline axis. After that connect the warmed sites to energy source of 220V, lay heat-insulation layer. Install sensors of the thermostat over the laid tape heater and close double layer of thermal insulation. Since heating turns out very soft this way to apply very well when heating pipes from plastic.

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