How to warm the house penoizoly

How to warm the house penoizoly

If it is correct to meet all conditions of compounding and also production technique, penoizol it is possible to characterize as liquid polyfoam. Warming by means of penoizol of walls of the house becomes rather popular recently.

Penoizol after drying turns into material with good physicomechanical properties. It has excellent ability of restoration after deformation and also elasticity and hydrogenichnost. Lack of penoizol unless that it cannot be evaporated on wall. When using penoizol for warming it will not be required to sort laying – material should be filled in in internal cavity for what in laying small openings are carried out.

As it is used penoizol in warming of buildings

Penoizol is capable to protect reliably the building for many years. Thanks to unique molecular structure, material both is durable, and has multiple useful characteristics. It does not pass moisture and does not allow condensate to be formed on internal walls of housing. At the same time material remains water-proof and keeps ability to breathe, and it will perfectly protect the house from dampness.

To warm the house, the heater layer with thickness of 10 cm suffices. At the same time expenses on heating of premises are significantly reduced. After internal apertures of walls of the house are filled penoizoly, standard temperature at quite small expenses will be maintained indoors.

As warming penoizoly is made

Warming of houses penoizoly will require the foamer – with its help the dosage of components in the electronic mode is carried out. The existing technologies of works allow to apply it in any right places – with its help it is possible to warm even loggia and balcony. If already built design is subject to warming, in the presence of interval in it you should not sort. It is possible just to drill small openings in some places and to make filling through them. For performance of warming it is necessary to make in opening wall in different places, their diameter can be a little more, than hose thickness – so will work more conveniently. Density of the pumped material very low, and it is possible to apply it even in rather decayed designs. Penoizol when hardening does not extend, it is possible not to be afraid of strutting of design. Through the openings drilled in seams in chessboard order the material filling begins. It should be done from below up. When material completely fills cavity, it can begin to flow through the next openings. It is possible to close up their stubs made of tree which can be removed after mix drying up. The filled-in mass of joints and seams has no thanks to what heat insulation density is guaranteed. When filling of heater in wall is complete, it is possible to close up all remained openings and to close surface facing. By the same principle the warming of ceiling and walls, but as surfaces horizontal, here work will be a little easier is carried out.

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