How to warm unit built house

How to warm unit built house

Modern unit built houses are economic construction. The house consists of framework and constructive panels. Does not demand construction of the powerful base that in addition saves material supplies of the owner. The precast structure is established in few days. The only shortcoming is rather thin walls, but the modern warming materials easily solve this problem.

It is required to you

  • - waterproofing materials;
  • - thermal insulation materials;
  • - finishing materials.


1. To warm frame unit built house, choose materials voluntarily and to material resources. When choosing consider thermal characteristics of material and life cycle. As heater you can choose bulks, for example slag or haydite and also mineral wool or polyfoam.

2. For warming by slag or haydite you will need to establish additional external framework and to upholster it with yew or to fix the second layer of panels. This work rather labor-consuming also demands considerable material investments. To that the charge needs to be stamped densely. Over time you should carry out works on additional podsypaniye of the accumulated heaters.

3. Mineral wool or polyfoam do not demand when mounting considerable investments as they are fixed on special levels or bars which cost little enough. Also at you need on the expiration of several years will not carry out repeated works. Having warmed walls once, you for 100% will be sure that the term of operation of heaters will be not less, than the term of operation of the house. And unit built houses are calculated for 50-70 years.

4. Over polyfoam or mineral wool you can make any planned finishing. Finishing can be made siding, to impose the house with facing brick or to sheathe yew – it depends on your desire.

5. Except external warming of walls carry out internal warming by means of rolled waterproofing materials, over waterproofing you will also be able to make any finishing.

6. Warm ceiling from external and inside. From the inside you can fix waterproofing layer, and to warm outer end at discretion. Both filling, and rolled materials are suitable for warming of outer end of ceiling. The layer of heater has to be not less than 70 cm.

7. If you under the house have dug out the basement, then also fit all its walls rolled waterproofing and thermal insulation materials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team