How to water tomatoes

How to water tomatoes

Tomato – the most popular vegetable. It is appreciated by the nutritious and dietary properties. At the correct landing, leaving and watering, yields excellent harvest. It belongs to family of solanaceous plants. It is widely used in cookery and in house conservation.


1. After crops of seeds, to shoots, the soil has to be humidified.

2. After shoots, seedling tomatoes, water with clear water of room temperature. It is necessary to water seldom, no more than 1-2 times a week. The soil should not be strongly wet as tomatoes can ache with black leg and die.

3. In soil land when the threat of frost passes. Before change, per day, it is abundant spill plants water.

4. Plant seedling in well humidified soil. After change water daily, within 4-5 days.

5. After seedling takes root, the soil needs to be loosened and mulched.

6. Water tomatoes in process of drying of the soil. Watering has to be abundant. Leyte water, without baring roots, that is, sideways from root system.

7. Water should not get on stalk, water only from below tomato.

8. 2-3 times, during vegetation, plant it is necessary to feed up mineral fertilizers. It is possible to make mullein infusion. To add one liter on ten liters of water and to spill bucket on three plants.

9. After setting and fruit liqueur of fruits, well water plant, make earthing up and stop waterings. Prolonged waterings prevent fruits to grow ripe.

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