Options of stretch ceilings

Options of stretch ceilings

Modern finishing of ceiling surfaces – stretch ceilings. Designs are easily mounted, the range of their application is extensive, they represent great opportunities for design decisions. To make right choice, it is necessary to know what options of ceilings happen.

Film ceilings

 Stretch ceilings with equal success apply in new buildings, at reconstruction and repair, decorative finishing of rooms. They differ on width, the invoice, type of material. Designs are fabric and film, established by method of thermal shrinkage. The most demanded film as it is cheap tension regiments and differ in richness of color and texture.

 Ceilings of PVC allow to create the difficult multilevel original designs differing in reliability, durability, moisture resistance behind which it is easy to hide communications. Thanks to variety of the invoice the ceiling can have surface:

- glossy, sateen or opaque;

- suede or mirror;

- imitation of stone, tree, metal, marble.

And photo printing ceilings allow to decorate with flower motives, landscape, the night sky use of decorative stretch ceilings – possibilities of the photo are limited to nothing.  

On width the film ceilings are seamless and sutural. The film has width of 1.3-2.7 m, and the area of ceiling, as a rule, wider. Therefore parts of cloth connect among themselves welded imperceptible seam. Important characteristic of ceilings of PVC – light resistance coefficient, at good ceilings this indicator is equal 6-10, the it is higher than a coefficient, the better. Lack of film stretch ceilings: material the admissible temperature of the room +5-50˚C does not transfer negative temperatures.

Advantages of fabric ceiling

The fabric ceiling is made of the material special coated which is passing air is the main advantage. Fabric is not afraid of low temperatures, the design can be established in not heated rooms. It is easy to distinguish fabric designs from film on rough perforated surface. Minuses of fabric ceiling:

- rather poor color gamma;

- limited plasticity;

- do not maintain high pressure from the outside.

On material width the fabric ceilings are only seamless, are found by the size of the area of ceiling.

 Mounting of ceilings

Competently established stretch ceilings are capable to change the room, to make it respectable. Mounting is carried out in several steps:

- preparation of the room – installation of tension system becomes upon termination of dusty works;

- the measurement of the room - cloth is made by the individual sizes;

- fastening of framework;

- carrying out communications, for example, installation of dot LEDs;

- tension and fixing of film;

- mounting of plinth.

 Knowing characteristics of designs, with ease it is possible to orient what stretch ceiling to choose for the specific room. The existing options allow to pick up tension systems to any interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team