Tomatoes: seeds, their preparation and crops

Tomatoes: seeds, their preparation and crops

Tomatoes almost in all Russian regions grow up in the seedling way. Qualitative seedling – pledge of rich harvest. But to receive amicable shoots and healthy plants, seeds should be prepared for crops.

For a start seeds disinfect in potassium permanganate solution to secure plants against viral diseases. Dissolve potassium permanganate powder in water that cherry color has turned out, put seeds in linen sack and take 15 minutes in this solution, then wash with water. Some gardeners subject seeds to heat treatment, that is lower them in hot (50 °C) water for 30 minutes and at once wash out cold.

After this procedure the planting stock is subjected to processing by nutritious structure. Seeds wet for 12−18 hours in Epina solution − 1−2 drops of medicine on 100 g of water, Energena − 5−10 drops on 50 g of liquid, nitrophoska or nitroammofosk – 1 h spoon on 1 liter of water. These medicines increase viability of seeds, enhance immunity of plants to adverse factors. Store stimulators can be replaced with solution of wood ashes – 1 tablespoon with 0.5 liters of water, or aloe juice. Having kept seeds in nutritious solution the necessary time, place them in water for 24 hours.

It is desirable material for landing also to temper. For this purpose after processing place it in the fridge for two days. You watch that the sack in which seeds lie was damp. After cooling they are sowed to the soil. From the tempered seed the shoots appear amicably and quickly, seedling turns out strong, resistant to viral diseases.

Often in shop sell already processed seeds, they have dark brown color, it is possible to sow them at once, without preparation. Sowing time depends on date of planting of seedling under the film shelter or to the greenhouse, from shoots before disembarkation there have to pass 50−60 days. Tomatoes well postpone sword-play therefore sow them in boxes. The container is filled with soil, for disinfecting watered with hot solution of margantsovokisly potassium or humate of sodium, closed film and left for 12 hours. Next day remove film, make in the earth of deepening through 3−4 cm, spread out seeds at distance of 1−2 cm and spill it is abundant water. Powder grooves with dry soil, stamp, close boxes film and put to the warm place before emergence of shoots. Behind crops it is necessary to watch, not to allow dryings of the soil. At temperature of 25−30 °C and humidity of 80% the shoots have to appear in week. In stage of two real leaflets seedling is replaced. At the same time the main root is prishchipyvat on 2−3 mm, this operation promotes good growth of root system.

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