Tools for work with gypsum cardboard

Tools for work with gypsum cardboard

Gypsum cardboard – popular construction material. It is used for upholstery of walls, mounting of the protective and decorative boxes closing pipes, constructions of light partitions and in yard of other cases. During the work with this material some tools will be necessary.

Tools for work with gypsum cardboard for the beginner

Not all people who have decided to use gypsum cardboard accurately represent what tools will be necessary for work with it. And such ignorance can lead or to material damage, or to delay in mounting of designs. Therefore it is better to make in advance idea of what tools with plasterboard will be necessary for you for work. If you the beginner, it is possible to be limited to the simplest tools.

The amateur master who has for the first time decided to make something of gypsum cardboard, for example, ceiling does not need the professional tool. It can quite manage the minimum set of the most necessary devices. First of all you need saw on gypsum cardboard. It resembles normal wood saw superficially, but handle form, and, above all size and distributing of teeths at it such that during the work with gypsum cardboard the line of cut turns out very equal, accurate. And violations of integrity of gipsokartonovy cloth on both sides from it are so insignificant that they are almost imperceptible.

Absolutely necessary tool for work with this material – special construction knife.

Its edge narrow and very sharp thanks to what it can be made easily gypsum cardboard section in any direction and on any trajectory, without having deformed construction material.

Very often there is need to cut out metal sections to which sheets of gypsum cardboard will fasten subsequently. For cutting profiles scissors on metal, and will be necessary for you for their connection with plasterboard – drill screw driver. As profiles often fasten to concrete or brick walls, not to do you without drill perforator. And to process and even the edges of gypsum plasterboards, the special plane which you can get in shop which is engaged in realization of the equipment for construction is required. Quite often there is need to cut opening in gypsum cardboard, for example, for placement of the lamp in stretch ceiling or carrying out communications. This task can be carried out by means of ring type-setting saw on gypsum cardboard. You also need a number of additional simple devices: tape measure, triangle, level, prosekatel for fixing of metal designs, construction marker.

How to choose tools for work with gypsum cardboard

The good drill screw driver from the famous producer costs quite much. Therefore it is sense to get only if you are going to work with gypsum cardboard often. If this work single (or it will become only occasionally), it is quite possible to buy simple, inexpensive drill screw driver.

For the purpose of economy of money for single works it is possible to buy also the electroscrew-driver.

When choosing drill perforator pay attention to that the tool was with the convenient handle and rather easy for you. And if amount of works is rather small, it is possible to buy cheaper hammer drill. However if in the future you are going to continue repair, buy the high-quality tool. The person pay attention to the choice of knife. The recommended width of its edge – 18 mm. Make sure that it is well ground also very sharp. Scissors from metal have to be from high-quality tool steel. Choose them depending on whether it is required to you to make only direct machine cuts (then you need "direct" or scissors "through passage") or curvilinear and also from anatomic peculiarities of your hand. The main thing is that the tool was convenient to use. Choose tape measure with rather wide tape (not less than 1.5 cm), otherwise it will badly keep. It is desirable that its body was rubberized or from soft plastic. Some masters prefer to fix in the old manner profiles by means of self-tapping screws. However it leads to curvature of the plane of the formed design and to need of its alignment. Therefore if you want to avoid this trouble, fasten profiles by means of prosekatel. At its choice give preference to products of the famous producer, for example, of the German company KNAUF. However consider what prosekatel can be used only when fastening easy profiles. Otherwise the formed notches can not provide the required rigidity of all design. To bend the sheet of gypsum cardboard, you need the needle roller. You will also not be prevented by the level as its use allows to provide the accuracy and quality of work. Buy hydrolevel better. In a word, if you have resolved to perform work on cutting and mounting of gypsum plasterboards independently before getting all necessary, get acquainted with the above councils. If you are not sure of the abilities, do not risk better and charge this work to qualified specialists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team