Types of mirror interroom doors

Types of mirror interroom doors

Normal glass - material unsafe. The heavy blow will turn beautiful surface into small group of splinters about which it is possible to be wounded. This health risk of many people holds from acquisition of mirror doors. However now mirrors cover with strong sticky film - it does not allow to scatter to splinters. The modern mirror cloth is much stronger, than plain glasses, they it is much safer.

Oar doors

The design of such doors depends on what you love style of interior. Fans of classics will like doors with mirror inserts of oval, rectangular or other form. The frame can be executed from tree, metal, plastic. The door can be mirror on the one hand, from the return party - is perfect from other material. Besides, oar mirror doors make with two or one shutters.

Folding doors

The system in the form of "book" or "accordion" is universal, it will be suitable for the dining room, library, private office. This design is much more economical than ordinary oar doors. At the same time you do not lose valuable centimeters of space on entrance. Shutters moves on guides - it reminds folding doors of the bus. Still folding mirror doors can be used as beautiful partitions.

Sliding mirror doors

The special roller mechanism will provide the smooth movement of cloth, protecting glass when opening from blows. This decision is ideal to differentiate space. Similar mirror doors quite often use for wardrobe, arranged in niche.

Mirror interroom doors

Such doors are suitable for the bedroom or the bathroom. But if they approach on style of interior, then they can be used also in any other rooms. The reflected sunshine do the room is more spacious, is much lighter. In addition, it is not necessary to allocate the place for wall mirror.

Today it is so easy to pick up mirror compartment doors, folding or sliding that they have wonderfully changed and have decorated interior of your house!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team