What is cranial bar

What is cranial bar

Construction jobs – process always difficult and rather costly. Especially if business concerns creation of new load-carrying structures. In this type of construction jobs the use of cranial bar which is convenient in mounting and when transporting and has huge stock of service output is optimum.

Often at construction of the house or non-residential premise there is problem with installation of designs of overlapping, construction of basis under roof, flooring. In these fields of construction repair work it is simple not to do without cranial bar. It is irreplaceable and absolutely universal construction material which has found broad application in the domestic market.

It is connected with its democratic cost and universal availability. And it is very simple to fix it, the unskilled expert will even cope with such work. The name has this appearance of material because of similarity with skull. Bar is that support on which all materials keep within already, it gives to design incredibly high strength, does not crack.

As cranial bar in construction and repair is used

Cranial bar – long wooden guide, is beaten by normal nails to side face of floor beam and thus acts as basis for laying of other materials. Bar is usually beaten only on one inside face, but also it can fasten also on both inside in case the strengthened structural strength is necessary. From bars also the basis of roof which becomes covered later by tile gathers.

Of what materials bar is made

Most often cranial bar is made of firwood, most often by pines. Cranial bar from pine – is most democratic at cost, has fine characteristics in operation. It is produced in the amount of 40х50. It is very simple to beat such practical cranial bar on bottom edge of beam and to lay atop necessary reeling material. From above usually boards keep within, is more rare – metal guides. Such bars are easily stacked, transported and stored. For increase in durability of product they are impregnated with special structure which protects from penetration of moisture, damage by parasites, including termites. Such product is not present need to impregnate repeatedly, it has no direct contact with water for a long time. If one of bars for the subjective reasons becomes useless – it is just replaced with similar and there is no need to sort all design, only the site of the reeling material which was over bar is removed. All products are standardized and interchangeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team