Dutch sauce

Dutch sauce

It is classical Dutch sauce. Can be ideal for boiled vegetables, in preparation it is quite light. It can be prepared by the mixer or on a water bath. The first way simpler, the second — more difficult.

Necessary ingredients:

  • pepper;
  • salt — 1/4 tsps;
  • cold water — 2 tablespoons;
  • lemon juice — 2 tsps;
  • desi — 150 g;
  • crude yolk — 3 pieces.

Sauce by means of a water bath

If decided to cook the Dutch sauce on a water bath, separate the whites from the yolks. Remove proteins aside to use in some other dishes. Place yolks in a small pan.

Cut the cooled desi on small cubes. Pour in cold water to yolks, pour pepper and salt. Stir to uniformity. Apply a nimbus or a wooden spoon to stirring.

Put a pan on the slowest fire or on a water bath. It is better to prepare on a water bath as on too big fire the yolk can cook, and instead of sauce there will be a kindled oil with egg pieces.

To make a water bath, bring water to the boil in a big pan, lower fire that water waved. In this water lower a bottom of a pan in which there are yolks. Constantly shake up yolks until mix thickens.

Add in the small portions oil cubes, at the same time continue to shake up, before full dissolution. Add a new portion only when previous is dissolved.

Constantly control heating, sauce shouldn't overheat. When sauce begins to grow white at a bottom, immediately remove a pan from a water bath, continuing to shake up and holding a saucepan suspended.

When weight cools down, again lower a pan in hot water. When you enter the last portion of oil, creamy dense weight will turn out. Pour in lemon juice, continuing to shake up.

Remove sauce from a water bath. If it too dense, you can add warm water.

Sauce by means of the mixer

If were going to do the Dutch sauce by means of the mixer, then separate the yolks from the whites. Place yolks in a bowl, pour in water and lemon juice there, pour pepper and salt.

Kindle a desi in a small saucepan on fire. Shake up the mixer yolks. Oil will thaw at this time and will begin to start to boil. Don't allow oil to overheat. Without ceasing to shake up, a thin stream pour in a mixer blade baking plate the boiling oil.

When you enter oil, shake up sauce of 30 more seconds. Leave the Dutch sauce before cooling or for 5 minutes. It during this time will thicken and will infuse.

You can make sauce more dense the following method. Having entered oil, put sauce in a bowl for 10 seconds in the microwave. Take out and immediately shake up weight. If sauce is still thinnish, repeat the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team