How to make classical steak from beef

How to make classical steak from beef

Many housewives mistakenly believe that it can make the real juicy steak only for professional cooks at restaurant. But it not so – classical steak will turn out also in house conditions, it is important to complete all stages of cooking only correctly.

Modern frying pans with non-stick coating won't be suitable for preparation of classical steak – you need a usual pig-iron frying pan where the dish will be cooked with obligatory addition of vegetable oil. Being going to cook steak, it is necessary to choose meat carefully. Beef will be suitable for steak only if you are able to cook it so that it turned out soft and juicy. Even better the dish turns out from pair veal. Choose for preparation of steak meat cutting without bones and tendons.

What is required for preparation of steak

Prepare products: half a kilo of beef sirloin, 250 grams of fresh mushrooms, one-two heads of onions. It is possible to add fresh tomato – 3-4 pieces. Also vegetable oil, a desi, sugar, salt, seasonings and spices to taste is required. To make good classical steak, refrigerated meat is no good – only cooled or is fresher. Wash out meat under flowing water, cut off films and streaks. If necessary dry by means of paper towels, cut on strips more thinly – cut across fibers. Beat off strips the hammer – uvulas will turn out kind of.

How to cook steak

Salt, pepper, rub meat uvulas with herbs. Warm a frying pan and pour on it oil. Spread steaks in the warmed oil at some distance from each other. It is necessary to fry them on strong fire, without cover – at first to a crust to fry thoroughly one party, then another. Having fried thoroughly, remove meat from fire and put aside. Mushrooms it is possible to use any – to start them it is necessary to wash up and clean, cut on plates. It is necessary to fry mushrooms in a separate frying pan, on a desi, having strewed with granulated sugar. Peel onions turnip, to cut and fry small together with mushrooms. There add the fresh tomatoes washed and cut by small pieces. To fry thoroughly everything within five minutes. Now, when all ingredients are prepared, with mushrooms and onions add to a frying pan a little boiling water, add salt and ground black pepper, seasonings and spices, mix everything. Lay fried steaks, lower fire to an average, a protomita within fifteen minutes. Spread out the made steaks on portion plates. To a table give hot, together with fried mix from onions, mushrooms and tomato. As a garnish salad from a fresh vegetables, boiled friable rice, mashed potatoes will approach. Steak can be served with sauce additive – tomato, for example. The glass of dry red wine is considered obligatory attribute of this dish.

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