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When accounting operation of electric devices the size of watts is used (W, W). The kilowatt is the power unit equal thousands to watts. Called in honor of the Irish-Scottish mechanic-inventor James Vatt. To transfer kilowatts to watts it is not required to open the reference book by the physicist or to write out the unknown length of a formula, it is enough to decide on how to attribute three zero.


1. The fir-tree needs to transfer you kilowatt to watt, increase the number of kilowatts by one thousand. So, you can use the following formula: 1 KkVt =1KVth1000, where KkVt – the number of kilowatts, KW – the number of watts. Means if this month, for example, at you 20 kW burned up, then, having expressed this quantity in watts, receive 20x1000=20000 (W).

2. If you were given the evidence in the form of an integer of kilowatts, for transfer to watts you need to attribute three zero to the right of this number. For example, a bulb for the light watching gun, the power of 2 kW. Its power means in watts there will be 2000 W.

3. When kilowatts are expressed as decimal fraction, transfer a comma of decimal fraction to three figures to the right. For example, the light device of full rotation Robe with the 0.525 kW lamp. Having transferred to watts, receive 0525 W. Non-significant zero to the left of the five are rejected, receive 525 W.

4. In case after a decimal comma less than three figures, add zero instead of missing signs. It is possible to take the generator of light smoke for an example, its power is 0.3 kW. You express in watts, 300 W turn out.

5. If all indicators are given in kilowatts, and the report of the general power should be handed over in watts, then make calculation in kilowatts, and transfer the final amount in watts. For example, will be necessary for lighting of one stage: the light device of full rotation Martin with the 1.7 kW lamp and the 0.1 W electronic engine; the lamp theatrical halogen – 0.3 kW; the light watching Cadenza gun is a lamp of 1.5 kW; the generator of heavy Jem Glaciator X-Stream smoke – 0.625 W. General power of devices: 1.7+0.1+0.3+1.5+0.625=4.225 (kW). 4.225x1000=4225 (W).

6. Absolutely to facilitate to itself a task, you can use online the converter of units. In a line of the searcher hammer "to transfer kilowatts to watts". In the first lines online the converter will open. Enter the known number of kilowatts into a free field (in which unit is by default written), in the neighboring field after an equal-sign you will see the answer in watts.

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