Important about diets for weight loss

Important about diets for weight loss

Mistakes on the way to a slim figure can be two types: not knowledge of important fundamentals of dietology and not knowledge of own features of an organism. The diet and physical activity are selected individually according to a condition of an organism and its needs in energy consumption. There are also universal postulates in dietology, but they keep only on universality for people on a traditional power supply system with average physical activity and without the expressed violations in an organism.

1. The first and the most important

Experts claim – each person needs the diet for weight loss. Because all of us are individual and organisms work for all on the. That method that so well I helped your acquaintance, can not suit you at all. The system about which many so unflatteringly responded can become your rescue.

What to do?

Look for – nutritionists advise. 

Before choosing a diet, spend to yourself 2-3 fasting days. Be guided by different diets, and you look at the state. How do you feel, what mood whether there are problems with health, whether the feeling of hunger is big, whether weight is lost. Thus, you will find to yourself that direction which is most convenient and comfortable for your weight loss.

Very important nuance, diet for the purpose of improvement can hard pass also with complications.

But in what case and why?

The fact is that violations in an organism of which the person wants to get rid collected a long time, and for their utilization the person allocates short deadlines of a diet. Cleaning the organism intensively, we spend a lot of energy because of conciseness of time of improvement.

The main thought is that healthy or useful food is more effective in smaller doses on a constant basis.

2. The second point

Very important for success in weight loss – a positive spirit. As practice shows, for some weight loss is a psychological stress.

From here nutritionists advise to choose such diet which, besides, is most comfortably transferred by your organism.

In a psychological spirit it is important to understand that it isn't necessary to struggle with himself, a diet and dependence. It is necessary to direct the attention to desired result, you want not to struggle with yourself or sandwiches and cakes, you want a beautiful body, healthy nails hair and skin, longevity and vigor, good health.

3. And how many to dump

Of course, we want to dump everything and at once, not accidentally the Internet dazzles with inquiries how to dump ten kilograms in a week and so forth. It in principle is unreal. Besides, doctors consider dumping of weight more than 4 kg into week serious violation of functioning of an organism.


If you love yourself and the body, then don't test his stress diets, on the contrary, find that option of weight loss which will allow you to lose weight let slowly, but it is quiet, sure also without problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team