Preparation of ideal snack: the tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic

Preparation of ideal snack: the tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic

The end of summer - an early autumn - it is high time harvesting. By this time on seasonal dachas strong tomatoes kept up, so, it is worth starting creation of tasty and useful preparations for the winter. But before rolling up juicy tomatoes in bank, prepare an autumn dish - the tomatoes stuffed with garlic and cheese. This simple and nourishing snack will approach both daily, and a holiday table. Its beautiful registration and also a delicate and pungent flavor by all means will please your guests and members of household.

The tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic: recipe

For preparation tomato, stuffed with cheese and garlic, will be required to you:

- 800 grams of tomatoes; - 120 grams of cheese of firm grades;

- 1 piece (50 grams) of a desi; - 2-3 segments of garlic; - 60 grams of sour cream; - 30 grams of lemon juice;

- 10 grams of greens; - salt pinch; - pinch of a ground black pepper.

You will need round small tomatoes, approximately identical form. Fruits have to be firm, strong that they weren't damaged in the course of cleaning.

Accurately decrown the washed-out tomatoes then accurately take from fruits juicy pulp by means of a teaspoon. Powder the turned-out molds with salt a little and turn to exempt tomatoes from juice. Then wash out and dry greens. Rub cheese on a small grater, small chop up garlic, crumble 1/2 prepared greens, and leave other part for decoration of a dish. Further mix the softened oil with a grated cheese, add lemon juice, the crushed garlic, greens and a sprinkling pepper. Fill the received weight and mix.

Energy value of this dish makes 1012 Kcal.

Lay out this mix in the prepared tomato molds and cover them with the cut-off lids. Beautifully decorate the stuffed tomatoes with greens of fennel and parsley. Now your tasty and useful vegetables dish is ready to giving on a table.

The recipe of the tomatoes stuffed with garlic and processed cheese

To make the tomatoes stuffed with processed cheese and garlic prepare the following ingredients: - 7-8 tomatoes of the average size; - 2-3 packs of soft processed cheese; - 3-4 garlic gloves; - mayonnaise, salt - to taste; - parsley (for decoration of a dish). Wash out tomatoes, cut off from them top and carefully take from them pulp. Salt an internal part of fruits. Mix processed cheese with mayonnaise and the garlic which is passed through a press. If you use processed cheeses, grate them. Fill tomatoes with the received weight. Decorate a dish with parsley leaves. Also you can small cut fennel or parsley and to add to cheese and garlic weight. Your tasty snack from tomatoes is ready.

The stuffed tomatoes in an oven: recipe

For preparation of the stuffed tomatoes for 3 portions it will be required to you: - 6 tomatoes of the small size; - 3 eggs (or 120 grams of tofu); - 100 grams of a hard cheese; - 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise or sour cream; - 2 garlic gloves.

The recipe of the stuffed tomatoes suits ovo-lacto-vegetarians as the dish contains eggs and dairy products. It is possible to adapt it a baking plate of lacto-vegetarians, having replaced eggs with a kori-tofu - tofu.

Carefully wash out tomatoes under flowing water, cook hard boiled eggs, then peel garlic. After that grate a hard cheese on a small grater, squeeze out garlic by means of the garlic press and small cut some egg/tofu. Further mix ingredients for a stuffing of the stuffed tomatoes. Fill weight with sour cream and again properly mix. Cut out a core that "baskets" for laying of a stuffing as a result turned out from tomatoes. You can use the taken pulp for preparation of the refreshing tomato soup - a gazpacho. Densely fill fruits with a cheese stuffing. After that warm an oven to 200 °C, lay parchment paper a baking tray and lay out on it the stuffed fruits. Bake them within about 10 minutes. Get ready tomatoes, let's them cool down a little. Serve the dish warm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team