Whether there is an advantage of powdered milk

Whether there is an advantage of powdered milk

Powdered milk is rather successful replacement usual pasteurized which pretty quickly spoils and turns sour. It is convenient to use powdered milk in the culinary purposes. Besides, it can much longer be stored. The question only in that, is how useful such product.


1. There is a wrong opinion that powdered milk is chemical replacement to usual genuine milk. But actually the difference between normal and powdered milk is insignificant.

2. Powdered milk is made of genuine whole milk, respectively, it has the same set of qualities. At first genuine milk is strongly condensed, then the received weight is dried up. Ready dairy powder is stored much longer, than fresh pasteurized milk. Powdered milk doesn't need to be boiled as it already underwent temperature processing.

3. The same set of components, as in usual is a part of powdered milk. These are carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, proteins, minerals and a number of important vitamins. As a part of milk there are twenty amino acids which are necessary for biosynthesis. Powdered milk is used as a basis for children's mixes which replace maternal milk. However, in this case milk protein undergoes additional processing which reduces degree of its allergenicity. To receive drink from a dry milk mix, it is necessary to add to it the amount of water specified in the instruction to a product.

4. Harm of such powdered milk is predetermined only by quality of a starting crude. Certainly, if cows were regularly grazed on ecologically unsafe pastures, in a total product can there are toxins which amount will significantly increase after processing of a fresh milk in dry.

5. Powdered milk, as well as usual integral, can do much harm to people who are inclined to allergic reactions to milk protein or lactose. Such people aren't recommended to use a dairy products in any kind. In general, harm of powdered milk is much less, than it is accepted to think. However to worsen its useful qualities and flavoring value storage at too high temperature or humidity can.

6. There is a set of types of powdered milk. It is possible to find soy, oat, rye or even rice powdered milk in sale. These drinks taste like cow, but at the same time are absolutely safe for people with an allergy to milk protein. Certainly, the composition of similar mixes will significantly differ from structure of genuine milk, but chemistry or substances hazardous to health you in it won't see. Similar milk equivalents remarkably suit vegans and vegetarians as contains in them quite big amounts of vegetable protein.

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