How to put kick quickly

How to put kick quickly

Practically in all types of single combats the question of setting of kick is the hand defining. However not all beginners know how to solve this problem in the fastest way.

It is required to you

  • - gym;
  • - coach;
  • - gloves;
  • - bandage;
  • - paws;
  • - makivara;
  • - pears.


1. Find to yourself the good coach or the sparring-patrnera. Without competent mentor who devoted not one year to setting of own kick it is almost impossible to achieve result alone. Initially you can't know either the technique, or warm-up, nor competent approach in trainings.

2. Find to yourself the hall of boxing or hand-to-hand fighting. Talk to the coach about conditions of occupations. Buy gloves, bandage and start training process. It is the best of all to be engaged every other day if you need fast result. For more trained athletes it is possible to give also daily loading.

3. Study technology of kick. Learn, first of all, correctly and strong to squeeze fingers. It will prevent the fist from damages during the occupations. Study all aspects about which you are spoken by the mentor. At the initial stage you have to do only kick imitation by air: to completely straighten the hand in the elbow joint and not to forget to straighten out sharply it back. Don't forget also about the defense. Always return hands in the first position: one protects the person, another – the breast.

4. Work kicks on paws. After setting of the equipment of striking blows get to more serious work. Ask your mentor to put on paws each hand. Make the flick and quickly return the hand in the first position. Repeat the same exercise and with other hand.

5. Begin to move forward, putting two kicks: left and right. Boxers call this combination "two". Give to this exercise of 20-30 minutes each occupation. In 2 months you will be just surprised as far as the speed and the shot power increased.

6. You strike more blows to bags and makivara. Quicker to achieve result on setting of kick, it is necessary also to strengthen fists and sinews. Otherwise it is possible to get injured bones of hands easily. Ask the coach to show you how competently to beat heavy bags. You strike not less than 200-300 blows at the end of each training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team