What character the athlete has to have

What character the athlete has to have

Watching sports competitions, sometimes it is possible to notice that athletes who had no special prerequisites to the victory which lost at the initial stages or with which constantly interfered injuries suddenly unexpectedly win. Commentators at the same time quite often use formulations "won on moral and strong-willed" or "gained the victory on character".

In general, there is no one warehouse of character which would guarantee to the person sporting achievements. The orientation of the personality, interests (one begins to play sports, without having prerequisites, and another with qualities good by nature dreams of career of the actor or clown), the main driving motives (for some it is money, for someone – glory, for others – something to prove honor of the country, desire or to gain recognition from certain people, etc.), conditions of education and many other factors is important. There are only some traits of character which help the person to become successful in sport.

From the dream to the purpose

The main dream of the professional athlete is recognition of his merits, and this recognition is or the Olympic medal if the sport belongs to Olympic, or the victory in the World Cup, either the champion belt, or any other award. At the same time the athlete has to be able to transform the dream to the purpose. The purpose which he will set before himself won't allow to be given at the difficult moment, to rise when falling and to continue to conquer sports peaks.

In the presence of the purpose the persistence and persistence on its achievement appears. Without persistence not to overcome the most difficult periods in trainings. If the person, having hardly felt fatigue, gives up occupations, never to become him the winner. Winners are defined not only by talent or initial physical qualities, namely persistence on aspiration for the purpose. This persistence is frequent call backbone.

Traits of character

Scientists allocate several groups of traits of character which can define future success or prevent it. The first group combines the lines connected with the attitude towards surrounding people: justice, honesty, nobility, responsiveness, politeness, etc. If it seems that the person having these lines, ideal and unreal, it isn't correct. In elite sport really want only fair victories, fair refereeing, and noble acts and responsiveness of athletes it is shown even at the distance, during fight or the match. These traits of character can differ a little at the athletes singles and athletes acting in the squad. One more group of lines is connected with the attitude towards itself: self-confidence, insistence, self-esteem, self-respect, modesty. The last quality doesn't seem to inherent some athletes, but really great people are usually modest, and those who are included in headline news in the occasion and without, it isn't always possible to call successful athletes. Usually they receive glory not for sporting achievements, and for some other reasons. Other lines cover the relation to work: responsibility, discipline, diligence, initiative. In some sports (for example, art to gymnastics, sports dances, team games) the creative component in the relation to work, creativity, ability to think up something new is still important. In the relation to things the athletes are usually accurate and thrifty. The last allocated group of lines is connected with the relation to obstacles: determination, independence, persistence and self-control. And the self-control and self-checking in different types of sport also have to be used differently: in shooting, for example, it is necessary to keep calm and not to give vent to emotions, in volleyball, basketball and other team games it is important "to be got" and "bring" the others in time, in sprint it is important to come for start at peak of emotions, etc. Probably, in one profession there is no universal description of all her representatives, and athletes not the exception. Someone can be helped by aggression, especially, in single combats, for others the defining quality is the ambition which helps to overcome all obstacles in the way to the purpose, for the third it is important to overcome itself and to get new experience, to individuals the envy helps to try to obtain success in sport. Even itself can turn negative lines on advantage, the main thing is to want to win!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team