Big tennis – as it is correct to choose a racket and to learn to play big tennis?

Big tennis – as it is correct to choose a racket and to learn to play big tennis?

The sport extended around the world – big tennis in which two athletes or two teams on two persons compete with each other. Everyone, the main thing can be engaged in it, to carefully study rules, to pick up good equipment and to begin trainings.

Big tennis – history

For the first time the European monks who had so a good time during the religious ceremonies began to play something similar to modern big tennis. In those days for giving and hurling back of a ball used hands. A game big tennis constantly developed, and through time there were leather gloves which improved blow and giving, and soon they were replaced by the first rackets. In the history also the ball which initially was wooden, and then leather changed. The big tennis became widespread in France.

The tennis suffered serious changes in 1874 when the major Walter Uingfield registered the patent for special equipment and rules of this direction in sport. Since then the first courts having the form of hourglasses began to appear. A game began to extend quickly on the world. The big tennis a lot more time was changed and added before it became a game which is familiar to people now.

Stock for big tennis

If you want to play these sports, then it is necessary to spend for the equipment and the correct form. It is important to buy qualitative sneakers for big tennis which has to be steady with a small sole, have side support and good depreciation. Classes big tennis have to be in comfortable clothes which will not disturb, holding down movements. Women choose undershirts, shorts, dresses, skirts and baud, and at men set is more modest: t-shirt and shorts.

Rackets for big tennis

To choose a good and suitable racket – a difficult task as they differ in the parameters. There are different nuances to which it is worth paying attention and the main following:

  1. At first it is necessary to pick up the handle size better if it is big as it will help to feel more comfortably during the game. To check the handle approaches or not, carry out the simple test: clasp it with a palm, and later check that in a gap between fingers and a palm the forefinger of other hand was located. For playing big tennis it is possible to choose rackets with the handle from 27 to 29 inches long that is established by rules. The more the value, the will be more powerful blow.
  2. Pay attention to rim thickness which can be from 18 to 30 mm. Consider, the more this parameter, the giving will be stronger and the racket is more rigid. Fans of fast blows have to choose options with a thin rim.
  3. Tennis rackets for big tennis differ in the head size. For performance of powerful blows, twistings and undercuts of a ball, it is necessary to use rackets of Oversize and Super Oversize. Such options are not suitable for beginners and for them the Mid Size and Mid Plus size is better.
  4. To check a racket for balance, then take it for the middle and if it drives towards the head - it is good option for a game on the back line if on the contrary, then for giving. High-class players love the options balanced in the center.

Balls for big tennis

In professional sport only white and yellow balls are used. For competitions and trainings of big tennis it is important to select a ball for such criteria:

  1. Balls with pressure which more are suitable for an amateur game are the most convenient and widespread. Options without pressure are more rigid at which the rebound improves over time.
  2. The big tennis allows use of balls with a different covering. The typical option is suitable for a game on the closed or soil courts, and an extra-covering – the ideal decision for trainings on firm courts. There is also an option for a grass which is not soiled about it.
  3. Balls with a usual speed are widespread, and here options with large diameter slower and, on the contrary.

Court for big tennis

Also parameters of squared court are accurately regulated. Such parameters are characteristic of it:

  1. For a single game its parameters such: length – 23.77 m and width – 8.23 m. The court for a pair game has big width – 10.97 m.
  2. The grid for big tennis divides court in the middle and it is suspended on a cable. Fastenings have height in 10.07 m.
  3. Surely on court the marking which has to be contrast that it it was well visible becomes. Width of a marking is in limits of 2.5-5 cm, but only the back line makes 10 cm.
  4. The big tennis allows different options of coverings, so it can be grassy, soil, firm and synthetic. At informal competitions also other options of a covering can be used.

Rules of the game in big tennis

There are many rules which concern this game, will stop on the most important of them:

  1. The right of the first giving is defined by draw, and then, it passes to other player on the termination of a game. The athlete, during giving commission, has to be behind the back line and its task is to strike a ball the diagonal that it appeared in the opposite platform of giving of the rival.
  2. The player receives a point when the ball falls on the party of the rival even if it touched a grid (except giving as she is played). The ball will not be included if it touched the player's body, beaten off before it crossed the line of a grid or if the tennis player touched grids or racks a racket or a hand.
  3. Rules of big tennis specify that if the ball does not get to the area of giving, then giving can make one more attempt. If it also unsuccessful, then a point is set off to the opponent. Violation – if when performing giving the player took up for the line.
  4. The match can include 3 or 5 sets. The athlete leading in six games is considered the winner of a set. If in a set the score 6-5, then one more game is played. The result in 6-6 indicates the need carrying out a tie-break. It lasts before while the player does not receive 7 points with a difference in 2 points. The tie-break can last long very much until the specified difference in the account is reached.

Blows in big tennis

In technique of a game different blows are used and those who want to reach heights in this sport have to be able to carry out in perfection blows from the right and left side, since summer, with giving and with a candle. In big tennis carry to the main blows:

  1. Forkhend – the blow which is carried out on the right side is the basic.
  2. Bekhend – the blow which is carried out at the left is considered effective reception for the attack. Is one-handed and two-handled bekhend. The second option is more acceptable for female tennis.
  3. Difficult reception in this sport is the blow since summer.
  4. Giving in big tennis is the most difficult blow in tennis. It can be reasonable, flat and twisted.
  5. "Candle" – blow which sends a ball highly over a grid.

Big tennis competitions

This direction in sport is one of the most known, and a huge number of different competitions is carried out every year. The main big tennis tournaments, except the most large-scale Grand Slam:

  1. The Pacific Rim is a certain examination which is held every year among the most titled male athletes.
  2. WTA is a fascinating tournament in which only popular and beautiful tennis-players participate.
  3. Davis Cup – one of the largest tournaments among men. Competitions are held between the teams divided into groups, winners and outsiders in groups move to other level in the next season.
  4. The Federation Cup is a similar horizontal bar to the Cup to Davies, but among women.

The Grand Slam – tennis

The most significant and important event for tennis players is the tournament the Grand Slam. It consists of four separate competitions: open championship of Australia, France and America, and still Wimbledon tournament. Many athletes consider that the victory concedes in the Grand Slam only to the Olympic Games. Very few people could overcome all Grand Slam tournaments on tennis at once, and in most cases winners win them gradually in different years.

How to learn to play big tennis?

Training can happen differently, but the best decision is a practice with the trainer who will train in elements, will help to perfect the equipment and will indicate mistakes. The big tennis coach has minus – it is necessary to pay for it. If there are acquaintances who are able to play correctly, then it is possible to ask them for the help and the third option – independent training. In network there are a lot of training rollers by which it is possible to recognize how it is correct to hold a racket, to do giving and so on.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team