Dampness in the apartment - how to get rid?

Dampness in the apartment - how to get rid?

The increased humidity in premises is fraught with dangerous consequences which are reflected not only in pieces of furniture things, and first of all on health of human living in the apartment. For this reason the question how to get rid of dampness in the apartment, belongs to the category of the vital problems.

Causes of dampness

Indoors bad ventilation, or its total absence is the main reason of the increased humidity. Besides, to cause emergence of dampness and all its consequences regular floodings from the neighboring apartments can, most often from above.

The filled air shafts are considered as one of serious violations which break normal air circulation. Also loss of condensate on walls and surfaces of objects is caused by low heat insulation of walls which is a consequence of defects in seams of houses.

Before resolving an issue how to get rid of dampness it is necessary to inspect the room and an entrance carefully. Quite often flooding of the cellar or course of the water pipes hidden by boxes or between floors happens the reason. Such problems need to be revealed and solved by means of municipal services.

How to get rid of dampness in rooms?

If there is no opportunity to eliminate defects of municipal and building constructions, then it is possible to reduce humidity level in the apartment by means of such means:

  1. Air dryer. This device cannot remove the causes of emergence of dampness, but it is capable to improve a situation indoors and to lower humidity level. Dehumidifiers differ on power, from simple household appliances to the most powerful a Split systems, capable to work in the most corrosive environment. When choosing the device it is worth giving preference with the automatic system of inclusion, it will allow to save the electric power and to maintain optimum level of humidity constantly.
  2. Periodic warming up of the apartment. The dampness begins to be formed long before the beginning of a heating season therefore periodically warming up the apartment during this period it is possible to eliminate threat of formation of a mold on walls and to reduce humidity of air. If to combine operation of the dehumidifier and having warmed with any way, then the effect will be much more notable.
  3. To get rid of dampness in the bathroom, it is necessary to install such just device as the electric heated towel rail. Besides elimination of the increased humidity this device is very useful in life and is economic.
  4. One more useful device in economy capable to help with fight against dampness is a usual kitchen extract.

Folk remedies in fight against dampness

The first and most important council how to get rid of a dampness smell in the apartment, is so simple as far as it is effective - it is elementary and regular airing of the room. Absolutely unreliable constantly to hold windows wide open, one = two times in knocks will enough air the room or to hold a window leaf slightly slightly opened.

From make-shifts it is possible to use products which well absorb moisture – salt, sugar, coffee. If to distribute tanks with these products in corners on window sills and in cases, to completely solve a problem it will not turn out, but it is possible to improve the atmosphere indoors. Such method will fit as a temporary measure.

To get rid of dampness on walls, it is necessary to apply solutions, such as potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, liquid ammonia, baking soda. In household and hardware stores, ready chemical solutions for fight against a mold fungus are on sale. Often they are issued with a spray that considerably facilitates their use.

All these methods allow to get rid and suspend distribution and growth of a fungus temporarily. Besides, it is necessary to remember that when mopping and grinding dust it is necessary to wipe dry surfaces not to give to disputes of a mold of new places for growth.

However all given ways of fight can be carried only to temporary and auxiliary measures. For full disposal of dampness it is necessary to find and remove the main cause of its emergence.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team