How it is correct to catch fish on a rod?

How it is correct to catch fish on a rod?

Fishing tackles there is a set, however catching on a rod remains a favourite way of fishing for many. And beginners first of all usually are interested as it is correct to catch fish on a ground or float rod.

How to catch fish on a float rod?

For successful catching on a float rod it is important to choose a qualitative tackle correctly. Time when practically all rods were from a bamboo left, today on sale there are a lot of various plastic products differing in durability, flexibility and ease. Catching from the coast requires a fishing-rod more long than 3 meters, and that who was going to fish from the boat, so long will only disturb. Before purchase the fishing-rod should be taken in hands – it has to lie conveniently in a hand.

When choosing a fishing line it is better to rely on the amount of the planned production – the it is more, the more thickly there has to be a fishing line. However it is necessary to remember that too thick fishing line can frighten fish. The main condition of a qualitative float – its visibility on a water surface. Cargo is selected so that the float steadily floated and did not sink. As a bait for a rod use live worms, insects, larvae – the choice is made depending on preferences of future production.

Councils from skilled fishermen:

  1. It is necessary to throw a rod accurately, without touching with a fishing-rod water. Until the hook fell by a bottom, it is possible to bring it to itself a little.
  2. It is impossible to take out often a rod from water – large fish long looks narrowly at a bait, excess manipulations will frighten her.
  3. Predatory large fish swallows a hook together with a bait, and small – takes away a bait aside. The best moment for a podsekaniye – a float potyazhka.
  4. It is impossible to pull out sharply fish from water – small will tear a lip and will fly from a hook, large can tear a fishing line or break a fishing-rod.
  5. Before replacing the bezrybny place, it is necessary to try all types of a bait, throwing a hook on different depth.

How to catch on a ground rod?

It is thin - it is the kind of a rod adapted for catching of benthonic fish. It is most often thin short (instead of a long fishing-rod use short from a spinning), and instead of floats on it fix hand bells. A fishing line, sinkers and a bait for are thin select depending on the expected production.

Throwing are thin it is carried out accurately, upstream: to a grove are thin it is necessary to unwind and put rings, then, to take a fishing line at distance about 1 meter from a sinker, to shake it from itself as the pendulum and to lower in water, holding with the left hand the unwound fishing line.

The most successful fishing on a donka happens to use of a feeding trough – a bag from a grid with porridge or bread and also special purchased additives. It is necessary to lower a feeding trough slightly above that place where it is thrown it is thin.

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