How to become the police officer?

How to become the police officer?

You are tormented by thirst of adrenaline, you always dreamed of pursuits, firefights and work under cover? Surrounding pragmatically and chilly answered your not pink dreams – why not to become you the police officer, and here once again, you understood that quite so and it is necessary to arrive.

The woman in police?

In our conservative society of women in police it is not dense. But look at the West: if the police officer on the street also gets to you, then with 50% probability of this there will be a girl. If you are tormented by thoughts how to become the police officer to the girl as will look on it at people around, and, above all – your future colleagues, surely begin with disposal of these complexes, otherwise business will not go.

If your thinking is progressive, then you have to realize that the policewoman – it beautiful, prestigious and modern.


In that case if the thought how to become the police officer came to your mind in school days, you should come to Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy. Here – everything is clear, be guided by requirements of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

But what to do if you realized it after education on other specialty? An exit again is. You go to human resources department of regional police station if you conform to requirements – they direct you to courses, and you on the accelerated program study all necessary. Then you return already to a workplace.

So, how to become the police officer we understood, but what waits for you further – much more difficult.

Checks, checks and once again checks …

  1. Interview in office.
  2. Collecting documents:
    • passport and international passport;
    • the completed questionnaire;
    • the statement for a registration request on service;
    • recommendations from 2 police officers working in bodies not less than 3 years;
    • diplomas about the higher education;
    • autobiography;
    • INN;
    • application for permission of check and data processing;
    • service record;
    • all documents confirming your income.
  3. Medical board – various analyses, passing of all clinics and also psychological tests and lie detector test.
  4. Delivery of sports standards.
  5. Your age has to conform to requirements – from 18 to 35 years.
  6. You and at members of your family should have no criminal records.

After you learned that it is necessary to become the police officer, it is necessary to think whether it is necessary for you and as far as. In our country, police officers not often in honor, moreover, even if you will be the most conscientious, decent law enforcement officer, it is all the same will not change sneering attitude of the people towards your profession.

To change attitude of this sort, not one decade is required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team