How to get rid of a smell of the reek of alcohol?

How to get rid of a smell of the reek of alcohol?

In modern society the opinion of people around on the person depends on a set of fine details. But if the hairstyle can be corrected, and - quickly to replace the come-off button with a pin, then the smell from a mouth is a problem at which it is necessary to work. Especially if it is about alcohol. So it developed that its slightest manifestation can turn off from the person of many interlocutors even if they had a compromise relation to alcohol. Besides, subsequently to overpersuade people around in what you the adequate and wealthy personality, will be almost unreal. For this reason everyone who anyway, appeared in a similar situation should know how to hide an alcohol smell.

What is the time the reek of alcohol keeps?

Before puzzling what to eat that there was no reek of alcohol, it is necessary to understand what type of alcohol you used:

  • 100 grams of vodka or fortified wine disappear 4 hours later;
  • 100 grams of cognac demand for aeration of 5 hours;
  • 200 grams of dry wine disappear in 3 hours;
  • 0.5 liters of beer disappear 2 hours later;
  • 100 grams of champagne will not have an effect 1.5 hours later.

Remember that the quantity matters too. The minimum doses of hot will give a minimum of consequences. Now we will understand how to get rid of an alcohol smell from a mouth.

What to make that did not smell of the reek of alcohol?

The most widespread situation in which there is most of people is a hangover and a bad smell next day after cheerfully spent evening. And if it was the day before very good, then with an alarm clock ring the question how to get rid of the reek of alcohol in the morning will be the most relevant. For this purpose it is necessary to execute several simple manipulations:

  1. Take a shower and well clean language and teeth. Do not put on at all clothes in which walked the day before since it has property to absorb smells.
  2. What to kill a smell of the reek of alcohol, you will find in the kitchen. In the fridge products necessary to you can lie: fat milk, ripe tomatoes salad, parsley, cilantro and unrefined oil. Besides, glance in spice. You need nutmeg, a carnation, cinnamon or bay leaf. Rather small amount some one of these spices. Further it is necessary to have breakfast and drink a cup of strong coffee.
  3. On an exit from the house it is possible to buy a tile of bitter chocolate or a bag of sunflower seeds in shop. Try not to be fond of sunflower fruits as in their smell there is nothing good too.
  4. If you decided to finish all above-mentioned manipulations with purchase of chewing gum, do not take mint. She is capable to strengthen an alcohol smell. Best of all the elastic band with fruit taste will approach.

One more situation is connected with how to remove an alcohol smell if you used it in the afternoon and are going to make any affairs. In this case you will be helped by the following means from the reek of alcohol:

  1. Breathing exercises. By means of five minutes of frequent breaths and exhalations the concentration of vapors of alcohol decreases and breath becomes purer.
  2. Again it is worth resorting to the help of spices. Nutmeg or parsley perfectly will approach.
  3. If to speak about tablets, pay attention to Biotredin, "Glycine" or Limontar. It is enough to take one medicine. But you remember contraindications and individual reaction of an organism to these medicines.
  4. If near at hand at all there is nothing, it is possible to chew coffee beans. But after them it is necessary not to forget to rinse a mouth.
  5. The great popularity was gained today by the means created for, those who do not know how to get rid of a smell of the reek of alcohol. Sparkling tablets which are dissolved in water belong to such medicines: Alkoklin or "Zorex". There is also a means called "Antipolitsay". It is on sale in the form of chewable tablets and is designed to clean breath. However practice of the knowing people showed that not always this means helps.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team