How to get rid of a smell of legs?

How to get rid of a smell of legs?

Having come home and having taken off footwear you felt an unpleasant smell of own legs, or it is worse than that - trouble occurred on a visit - do not despair, you are not lonely, this problem is very widespread and fortunately solvable.

And so let's understand why there is this problem and how to get rid of an unpleasant smell of legs.

To all the microorganisms and bacteria which appeared in the Wednesday, necessary for themselves are the reason. The humidity and warmly standing and footwear promotes lightning reproduction of colonies of bacteria which eat at the expense of the skin fat emitted for the surfaces of skin of legs. The climate in footwear is also a problem root.

If the problem concerned you, then stock up with patience and begin to act.

For success of an action it is necessary to know what to fight against and what to undertake. Would be not superfluous to address the dermatologist and to hand over scrape from skin of legs on presence of fungal infections.

Factors of development of a problem

  1. Tight, inconvenient footwear interferes with air circulation inside, constrains the movement of feet that only promotes emergence of sweating.
  2. Material of which footwear and socks is made. Synthetic materials badly absorb moisture, leaving it on the surface of legs.
  3. The personal hygiene is not qualitatively carried out, not by appropriate means and it is not rather frequent.
  4. Perhaps, the reason is in skin diseases, fungi on nails and skin of legs.
  5. Diseases of the central nervous system as the excessive nervousness increases sweating.
  6. The strengthened physical activity, often causes a strong smell of sweat in men.
  7. Diseases in the sphere of endocrinology can strengthen secretion of sebaceous glands, causing an unpleasant smell.

How to get rid of a smell of sweat of legs?

If there are no diseases of skin and central nervous system, then the problem can be solved, carrying out simple manipulations.

  1. To select footwear of the necessary size and from natural materials, socks it is also exclusive from natural fiber. Be attentive, buying a new thing, attentively read the structure specified by the producer. Do not put on wet socks and footwear, it will only do much harm to legs.
  2. To carefully wash away legs twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, using antibacterial means, soap or specialized gel. Walk dry before putting shoes on - powder skin with talc or children's powder, it will help to absorb moisture and respectively will not allow a smell to spoil mood to you and people around.
  3. Pay attention to products in a food allowance. Garlic, onions and pepper will strengthen a sweat smell, you should not be fond excessively of them, at all from usefulness.
  4. Use the deodorized means, in drugstores and cosmetic shops the choice huge, in the form of sprays, creams, ointments, from very inexpensive to quite expensive. Well means which part tannins or extract of menthol, mint are will approach, they will help not only to dry in addition skin, but, will give feeling of a cool and freshness.
  5. In house conditions it is possible to get rid of a smell of legs, applying grass baths and essential oils.
  6. In the evening, before going to bed the bath not only will help to solve an unpleasant problem with use of grass broth of mint or bark of an oak, but will help to relax and will be adjusted on a good dream. It is possible to use as a bath weak solution of manganese or more concentrated solution from sea salt, the procedure to spend 20 minutes. After that walk dry and rub a small amount of essential oil of a lavender or a tea tree in feet, carnation oil will approach too.

If these efforts do not lead to improvement of a situation with a smell, then not to do without visit of medical institution, in particular, of the dermatologist, perhaps the problem was started and demands drug treatment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team