How to learn to do a somersault?

How to learn to do a somersault?

Presently extreme sports, modern dances and various tricks definitely in fashion. It is possible therefore so interests many people how to learn to do a somersault. Fortunately it is possible to study such trick with a revolution practically at any age, however easier children and teenagers cope with it nevertheless. Even if to you already for 20, you all the same have every chance – there would be desire, and how to learn to do a front somersault or a somersault back, it is always possible to find a way.

How quickly to learn to do a somersault?

In a question of how it is possible to learn to do a somersault in short terms, everything depends on your physical training. Than it is better and the more often you try – the more chances that you will achieve the objective pretty fast.

It is especially important to have at the same time strong legs therefore you can read right now to master squats. Prepare that before learning to do correctly a somersault, you should strengthen muscles in general.

This trick can seriously injure you therefore prior to the trainings specifically it is worth - walking on mastering of a somersault another month in sports club, or at least at home to do gantelny gymnastics. And especially every day – moves legs, attacks, squats, the bicycle and other. Well in this regard also swimming approaches.

If you already in fine sportswear and easily squat on 30 times, you can directly pass to trainings already.

How will learn to do a house somersault?

You will be surprised, but on the equipment this exercise a little in what differs from classical somersaults. You will do the same, only in air. To carry out it, it is quite possible to begin the rehearsals with simple somersaults.

If suddenly you do not remember the correct equipment of somersaults, it is worth refreshing it in memory before the trainings not to be traumatized.

  1. Legs need to be put together, a back equal.
  2. Remove hands forward, press a chin to a breast.
  3. After all this with effort make a start legs and make somersaults.

To understand the equipment of the return somersault, it is worth mastering somersaults back. For this purpose it is necessary to perform the following operations:

  1. Squating to press the head to a breast, to be grouped.
  2. To make a start hands, then in the course of the revolution to clasp with hands knees.
  3. At the end it is necessary to catch balance.

Bring somersaults to perfection. Only after that it is possible to pass to real trainings.

Where to learn to do a somersault?

It is the best of all to train where you have a real opportunity nothing to yourself to break. First of all it is the gym with big soft mats. It is possible to call this option the most suitable. As a last resort, it is possible to come to the city amusement park and to try the luck there on a trampoline. If you very much want, but any of these options does not suit you, lay many blankets and mattresses on a floor, and train directly at home.

How to learn to do a somersault?

Technology of performance is very simple. The main thing, precisely to imagine the sequence of actions and to be afraid of nothing:

  • run up, at least it is a little;
  • before the mat jump up up, having made a start legs;
  • execute in air somersaults forward;
  • make every effort to get up exactly.

Of course, chances of what all of you ingeniously execute from the first time it is insignificant are small. But the more you will train, rather you learn! In this trick there is nothing supernatural so your efforts will be anyway awarded with good results. The main thing – practice every day at least half an hour. Well and, of course, exercises on flexibility and for legs.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team