How to make radio-controlled model

How to make radio-controlled model

Modeling is popular and one of the most interesting existing hobbies. Before model gathered from various improvised materials, but now there is an opportunity for rather not the high price to acquire a set of model of any transport and with own hand to bring together her.

It is required to you

  • Prepare tools which will be necessary in the course of assembly – the screw-driver of the different sizes and types (crosswise, usual), flat-nose pliers, a sharp knife. Also you need a caliper, for pendant measurements.


1. Choose car model which will be to the taste to you in shop, decide on its color, dimensions and the brand. Refer set on the clean equal and well lit table. When unfolding on a table of details of future model consider that some details can accidentally roll down from a table and during assembly there will be difficulties.

2. Read the instruction for assembly of model for the best representation that you need to do. Pay special attention to screws and their lengths by mistake not to put short to the place of long and vice versa. Otherwise in the first case a thread can be stripped, and in the second the screw can block work of some detail that can also lead to breakage.

3. Accurately cut off details from a payment and remove from them excess material. Tighten screws strong, but try not to draw. In soft plastic they I can be turned, and in firmer, for example graphite plastic there is a risk to break vents therefore before an inhaling oil screws.

4. Take care of that transmission, gear wheels and sleeves were well greased. You should not grease the bared details as dust can stick to them. Carry out a model otcentrovka – expose trimmers in neutral situation, turn on the transmitter and the receiver.

5. Try to install the receiver far away from the accumulator, power conducting and regulators of the course. It will help to avoid hindrances. Paste rubber on wheels, previously degrease them and if is, remove the chromeplated elements.

6. The ready radio-controlled model will be interesting to all – both children and adults, and will allow to spend free time still perfectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team