How to make the reactor

How to make the reactor

It is much more interesting to study the principle of operation of the nuclear reactor at school if there is its animated model. His school students can make even in the summer, during the out-of-school classes. And when academic year will begin, they learn purpose of each of nodes of the reactor.


1. Download the scheme of the reactor at the following link:

2. Take two sheets of plexiglas and a leaf of a Whatman paper. All of them have to have the sizes corresponding to A1 format (594 by 841 millimeters). Redraw the scheme of the reactor manually on a leaf of a Whatman paper, observing proportions, let's it dry then clamp between sheets of plexiglas. Connect them screws to washers and nuts.

3. Take four standard 120-millimeter computer fans. By means of screws with washers and nuts attach them over the designations of compressors shown on the scheme. Drill additional openings through which bring wires to inner side of the stand. Give the lowered tension that their rotation was not too fast, noticeable approximately on fans.

4. Into place, where on the drawing the generator is shown, install the electric motor from the floor fan. Connect it so that speed was minimum of three possible. Extend its shaft, from the opposite side install the bearing. Previously put on four foam truncated cones the extended part of a shaft, having arranged them the same as it is shown on the scheme. Paste them for prevention of shift across. For a conclusion of wires of food to inner side also drill an opening. Isolate all connections.

5. Where on the scheme pipelines are shown, drill a number of openings for placement of light-emitting diodes. Place light-emitting diodes in openings and paste them. Connect them to any quadriphase switchboard of "the running fires" suitable in parameters so that the direction of movement of light spots coincided with shooters in the drawing.

6. In front of the stand that the audience could not touch the rotating details, strengthen one more sheet of plexiglas on long racks. Make of the same material also sidewalls. Fix them by glue, but to a front leaf do not paste that it was removable.

7. Close in any way all electric knots and chains located on the stand back. Hang up it on a wall. Do not leave the model included unguarded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team