How to make wax

How to make wax

Wax can be necessary for the most various purposes. On it guess, with it do an epilation, hand and legs baths. And still mold figures and self-made candles. Athletes rub with wax various surfaces for sliding. It is independently possible to make wax in several ways. For example, having melted natural wax material. Or having created alloy from several ingredients.

It is required to you

  • - bee cells without honey
  • - usual economic candles
  • - wax crayons
  • - vaseline
  • - sunflower oil
  • - sugar
  • - water
  • - lemon juice
  • - spirit-lamp
  • - gas burner
  • - matches


1. In shop of beekeeping or on an apiary buy bee cells. Remove from them honey. Melt cells on a water bath to a plasticine state. It will also be wax.

2. Take several paraffin candles, light their matches and wait until they burn through up to the end. Collect the dripping wax in capacity.

3. In a household department or pharmacy buy paraffin. Kindle it, mix with the kindled wax crayons, vegetable oil and vaseline. Take ingredients approximately, depending on that, soft or elastic wax is necessary to you.

4. Sugar wax for depilation in house conditions becomes as follows. The glass of sugar, a half-glass of water and a half-glass of lemon juice mix up in a saucepan, heat up on small fire to transformation into treacle.

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