How to measure intelligence

How to measure intelligence

Self-knowledge is peculiar to the person. And quite often people ask a question of the level of own intelligence. How to measure intelligence how to determine the level of the powers of thinking?

It is required to you

  • Tests of determination of intelligence of G. Ayzenk, D. Wexler, B. Kettel or other authors at your choice, the sheet of paper and the handle (or the computer and the appropriate computer program).


1. Address the qualified psychologist. He will hold with you necessary testing for identification of your mental abilities and will give you coefficient of your intellectuality.

2. If you want to conduct a research independently, you will need materials of tests of such famous psychologists as G. Ayzenk, D. Veksler, J. Raven, B. Kettel. You can use the test of any of these authors, but the most widespread is the Ayzenka test. Tests represent the system of the questions and tasks directed to check of your outlook, logical thinking and analytical skills. On performance of tasks a certain amount of time is given. Tests on the maintenance and criteria of estimates are divided into adult and children's.

3. If in more detail to analyze questions of tests of measurement of intelligence, then it is possible to allocate several groups of the questions checking: 1. Correctness of language perception, ability to storage and reproduction of information; 2. Ability to intelligent generalizations from concrete phrases, ability to do the logical conclusions on the basis of the presented materials; 3. Ability to manipulate numbers in mind with high speed, ability to fast perception of information, adoption of fast decisions; 4. Ability to argue, ability to quickly assess a situation; 5. Ability to compare, draw logical conclusions, etc.

4. In fact, in modern psychology, there is no uniform, universal test for measurement of I.Q. Consider in more detail G. Ayzenk's test. The test is designed for people from 18 to 50 years at which education not below an average is had. G. Ayzenk's test consists of eight various options testing mental capacities by means of graphic, digital and verbal material.

5. The minimum coefficient of IQ on Ayzenka are 70 points. The average level of intelligence is estimated in limits – 100-120 points. High intelligence on Ayzenka those who gained more than 120 points have. The maximum number of possible points - 180. The IQ value of less than 70 is defined as intellectual backwardness.

6. Test questions in process of its passing become complicated. Forms of the presented tasks are rather various and include anagrams, numerical rebuses, logical mathematical tasks, etc.

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