How to soften water

How to soften water

Not everyone can brag that they from the crane have clear water which without effort can be eaten. Most often water supply delivers the water containing cations of calcium and magnesium that leads to its weighting to apartments of citizens. It is unpleasant to drink such water, it exhales an almost inaudible chemical smell. To make water of the crane of softer it is enough to perform several simple operations.

It is required to you

  • Glass jars
  • Teapot
  • Coal filters for water
  • The iron or enameled teapot
  • Plastic containers


1. Pour water from the crane in several glass vessels and put them on a windowsill. Under sunlight water has to settle several hours. When at the bottom of banks the characteristic white or brown deposit is formed, and on walls of a vessel oxygen bubbles will gather, it is possible to pass to the next stage.

2. Pour water in a teapot so that the deposit did not remain in a bottle – it can be poured out safely. After that the bank should wash out carefully under flowing water without soap, paying special attention to a deposit at the bottom. Boil water and leave for some time in a teapot.

3. Pour boiled water in the iron or enameled vessel. In such capacity water will quicker cool down due to high heat exchange of material with air.

4. Put a vessel with water in the freezer. For safety of the refrigeration unit, water temperature should not exceed room. The ideal result can be achieved only after full freezing of water. However in practice for full freezing it is necessary to keep a vessel in the freezer several days. To accelerate process of freezing it is possible to pour water on small containers and to place them on the topmost shelf of the refrigeration unit.

5. Take out the frozen water and for a while leave in room temperature. Water has to thaw in the natural way therefore to resort to the help of the microwave oven and other heating elements is not necessary. Water has to cool down in densely closed vessel that the dust and other impurity which are contained in air did not get to liquid.

6. Install the coal filter in a bottle and accurately pour via it in the thawed water. Such barrier detains all chemical and foreign impurity which are contained in tap water. As a rule, heavy salts, insoluble carbonates and steady acids belong to such impurity. They do not break up when boiling and freezing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team