Insomnia – the reasons and treatment

Insomnia – the reasons and treatment

Insomnia or insomnia – a qualitative and quantitative sleep disorder which leads to deterioration in day human activity. That is this state assumes not only total absence of a dream, but also problem with falling asleep, small duration of night rest, too early awakening with impossibility to fall asleep again. Everyone in the life faced any given manifestation of insomnia and what its reasons and treatment, it will be told in this article.

Reasons of this state:

  • adverse living conditions. For example, a strong heat or cold, the increased noise level, etc.;
  • stress, concern, nervousness;
  • diseases which make impossible normal rest. It first of all those which cause pain, violation of breath and frequent desires in a toilet;
  • change of the residence, travel, etc.

Now it is clear what causes of insomnia and as to struggle with it, it will be told below. Quite often insomnia develops after hard drinking when the organism poisoned with toxins is simply incapable of good rest. The athletes working with increased loads can note insomnia after the training which is a consequence of post-training overexcitation, any physical work is first of all nervous work. And the more tension, the is more excitement of a brain. Those who is interested why insomnia still torments should answering that snore can act as the reason. The fourth part of all inhabitants of the male planet often wake up at night because they lack oxygen to sigh correctly, and chronic insomnia as a result develops.

Insomnia symptoms

Are the main reasons for developing of insomnia:

  • drowsiness and irritability during the day;
  • remaining in the quiet and weakened state some time, the person quickly falls asleep;
  • violation of concentration of attention;
  • tired look;
  • the slowed-down reaction;
  • the constant need to support itself by kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks;
  • problems with management of the emotions.


It is difficult to struggle with a sleep disorder. Most often persons with similar problems do not ask for the help the expert, and try to be treated independently, accepting sleeping pill. However, it is a big mistake because the majority of similar medicines causes accustoming and further it becomes independently even more difficult to cope with insomnia. While the problem is in a rudiment and did not pass into a chronic form, it is possible to adjust independently the natural mode of rest and wakefulness. There are several measures directed to restoration of a healthy sleep:

  1. Refusal of addictions. To stop drinking and smoking ideally it is necessary absolutely, and at least not to take alcohol for the night and not to smoke in a bed. The first though renders short-term sedative effect on an organism, breaks a phase of a deep sleep and leads to a sharp prosypaniye in the middle of night. Nicotine also interferes with the normal process of night rest.
  2. Consumption of kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks not later than 12 hours to a dream.
  3. Not to overeat before withdrawal for sleeping. Last time it is necessary to rise because of a table in 3 hours before going to bed.
  4. Acceptance of a hot bathtub with the weakening aromatic oils – lavenders, etc.
  5. Creation of ideal conditions for rest. That is in the bedroom it has to be silent and dark, and the air temperature of comfortable. It is recommended to air the room before going to bed.
  6. It is better to refuse calculation of "sheep" and the analysis of last day. To try to stop mental process and not to think of anything.
  7. To carry out feasible physical exercises, but only not before the dream.

Big efficiency broths and infusions of officinal herbs – a valerian, a melissa, mint have. It is possible to drink a glass of milk with honey.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team