What car compressor is better?

What car compressor is better?

Similar portable devices are quite demanded accessory therefore many owners of cars would like to know what car compressor is better, than one device differs from another and as it is correct to choose it. For the answer to these questions, we will take advice of experts, and we will understand to what factors to pay attention at acquisition of this device.

What car compressor it is better to choose?

Today in the market it is possible to meet various models of similar devices, some are intended for a rating of tires, the second can be used including for an airbrush. Therefore before choosing the best car compressor, think for what purposes you buy it. If you want to perform also independently paint and varnish works, then the pneumatic tool which is connected to network of 220 V will be necessary for you and when the device is simply necessary for you for banal pumping of tires, choose cheaper models which can be connected to the accumulator of the car and about which we will tell further.

As usual, not pneumatic tools nevertheless are used much more often, we will talk about them most in detail, at first we will tell several words about pneumatic tools. It is necessary to choose them, being guided by two parameters, the size and power. If to buy too dimensional device, then carry it with itself in the car it can be inconvenient therefore carefully think over where you will place it at trips and whether there is in your car a place for it. Power of the device will influence work speed therefore get those which will correspond to the level of the atmospheres to which you will pump over tires, and not below.

The best car compressors for pumping of tires

Two types of similar devices, membrane and piston are presented at the market. If you look for the good inexpensive car compressor, then it is necessary to look narrowly at membrane devices, their cost will be slightly lower, than at other type of devices, at the same time they can provide pumping to 3 atmospheres. For the driver of the car, the device of bigger power, in principle, is not required therefore the membrane device is quite enough for performance of an objective. If at these devices and one more advantage, except moderate cost, they seldom fail, of course, if you did not buy the cheap Chinese compressor. According to responses of car owners, devices from the European producers serve the owners for years.

When you are ready to spend the considerable sum, but to buy after all the best car compressor, choose piston devices. Their cost of course is quite high, but and power is much more, they are capable to pump over tires to 8 atmospheres. Their high reliability, long term of operation, high performance are considered as undoubted advantages of similar devices. Choosing similar devices, you literally in only a few minutes will be able to fix a problem and to continue a trip, you see, in some situations of loss of time are not admissible therefore the big power and performance, very valuable characteristics of the device.

Piston compressors have also shortcomings, more precisely, one. Such devices often forge, and you pay the large sum for model which can break already in few months of use. Not to fall a victim of swindlers, buy only those compressors which are made by the large European companies, any Chinese model cannot brag of the same level of reliability and durability.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team