6 things which cannot be done for the man

6 things which cannot be done for the man

There are certain things which cannot be done for the man at all if you want your relations to be harmonious. Never it is impossible to concede if it is to the detriment.

Do not give it money

It cannot be done under no circumstances. What he would not tell, kind of did not ask. Perhaps, the only exception is when the man much and works hard, constantly aspires to new victories, but there was some unforeseen circumstance to which he was not ready. For example: fire, death of relatives, expensive treatment, accident. Then it is necessary to help, of course.

Otherwise, if you give it money, your relations will deteriorate. He is a getter, the supporter, is what is intended to it by the nature. And if it needs money, he is simply obliged to earn them independently. By the way, pay attention to how the man solves the financial problems. If for it there is the only exit – to borrow, at marriage and the birth of children, all of you will carry on yourself. And he only to get into debt and the credits. Perhaps, he will decide to be enriched with some easy way, for example, to play casino. Then money will flow away even quicker.

You do not give expensive gifts

Especially if he is not too generous when he chooses gifts for you. Try to make the pleasant, necessary and useful gifts approximately equivalent at cost to what is given by him. If he for the second anniversary gives you Mercedes, and you when finance allows, give it an ashtray from All on 50 shop — it is not really good. But also you should not give reciprocal Mercedes.

If your man gives you for all holidays something cheap, and even in general manages a simple congratulation by phone, then in general forget about gifts. And not in which case do not think that you will show it the arrangement and by that it will begin to spend for you more. It is wrong.

Do not feel sorry for him

Women very often feel sorry for all. It is impossible to do it categorically. The man will not feel love for the woman who feels sorry for him. Feels sorry usually for mother. That is to complain of life and it will be cried to you, and he will sleep with others. Which it is near strong and courageous. It seems to women that if he constantly unburdens the heart – it means that he trusts. He is not afraid to seem weak and helpless. Yes, it partly so. But, one business when the husband after heavy day of work home came and shared with the wife that it oppresses, and another matter when your boyfriend just exhausts from you energy and demands pity constantly.

Never stick with a phrase "I spoke"

He also remembers what you told. But he is a man, he makes decisions. And he has to take all responsibility for them independently too. And if you constantly stick, here I spoke to you, eternally you do not listen to me, he will just cease to make decisions. This phrase you speak to him directly: you are a fool, you can do nothing. Would listen to me, everything would be normal.

Also it will turn out that you will be a man in a skirt. By the way, many families also suffer from it. Because the woman fulfills both female duties, and men's. And the man rolls up hysterics and drinks beer in a garage while the wife works at the third work.

Do not refuse career and private life for the sake of great love

There is a set of examples among politicians and stars of show business when the woman, marrying, ceases to build career, leaves business and completely devotes itself to family. Yes, it is correct, with one "but". These women do not cease to develop and self-improve. They do not turn into house sitting ducks to whom nothing is interesting except children's diapers and series.

You can change a circle of friends only because want it, but in any way not to please to the man.

Do not change appearance

If constantly say to you that it is necessary to lose weight, cut hair, to paint eyebrows, to wear jeans, try to hint softly that and so everything suits you. It is natural if you for months do not wash, and the man pointed to it, it is necessary to listen. You should not change appearance under his any certain addictions precisely. As speak, on clothes only meet. After the delivery, for example, often women strongly recover. And if the man is not ready to be reconciled with couple of extra kilos what will be then?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team